Customers Outraged Over Donut Shop's Border-Blaming COVID Sign

Residents of a Missouri town are outraged over a sign displayed by a local donut shop blaming the border crisis for the surge of COVID-19 cases.

According to WDAF-TV in Kansas City, Doughboys Donuts in Raytown recently displayed a sign outside that said, "stop importing COVID from Mexico unmask truth." WDAF-TV reported that the the donut shop's owners recently changed the sign to "stop importing COVID through border unmask truth."

Shortly after, numerous customers said they were outraged by the sign.

While speaking with WDAF-TV, customer Michael Hope called the sign a "slap in the face."

"It's disgusting and it hurts," Hope said. "I can't believe that someone would blame an entire people or country for something that we're not taking care of ourselves. To just have that up there, I mean what do they think people would expect to think."

Another customer, Chris Meyers, told WDAF-TV that while Doughboys Donuts has won an award for best-tasting donut in Kansas City, "they don't taste good anymore when you know who's making them."

"It's just hate and divisive, and it's just misinformation and it's attacking the wrong people."

Despite the outrage from customers, Doughboys Donuts co-owner Marjain Breitenbach told WDAF-TV that the sign was not meant to offend anyone but instead shed light on the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border.

"I don't personally have a big problem with Mexicans," Breitenbach said. "I got a lot of them that are friends, so I don't have a problem with that. I got a problem with the border.

"I mean we get all these rules....We're supposed to wear masks and do all this stuff and the border is just porous and they're running in."

According to WDAF-TV, Breitenbach said that he altered the wording of the sign to avoid a misleading message.

In addition to the comments made to the local TV station, Doughboys Donuts also published a Facebook post discussing the sign.

"The sign is not about race. It's about securing our southern border. It's a humanitarian problem," the post said. "The cartels are making money off of human trafficking and drugs. The unsecured border is a Nightmare for women and children. Other countries are protecting their borders from covid-19. We have ours wide open and are importing it all across America. It's time as a nation to decide what to do about this border crisis. It's good that conversation has begun with this sign."

COVID-19 Border Sign
Customers of a Missouri donut shop are outraged over a sign that says "stop importing COVID through border unmask truth." Above, the U.S. flag flies at half-staff at a port of entry at the U.S.-Mexico border on February 24, 2021, in Brownsville, Texas. John Moore/Getty