Cute And Convenient Buys To Make 2019 Traveling Painless, Relaxing and Organized

Want to travel more in 2019? Us too! Traveling, while exciting and eye-opening, can be stressful, especially if you’re not great at organizing. From tech products to make your flight as peaceful as if you had your own private cabin to relax in to pretty products to keep all of your travel essentials organized, traveling can be a lot less stressful. Take a look at our favorite products to ready you for any trip at any time.

Organizing Staples

Sick of storing your toiletries in plastic bags or flimsy packaging? Hudson And Bleecker has designed an extensive line of storage options that look like a classy addition to whatever you’re wearing. From toiletry bags that look like a purse to packing cubes sure to keep anything you bring in line, you can’t go wrong and you can’t get messy with these simple a chic buys.

Hudson+Bleecker_Lifestyle Hudson and Bleecker travel products offer easy organization. Hudson And Bleecker Hudson+Bleecker_Lifestyle Hudson and Bleecker travel products offer easy organization. Hudson And Bleecker

Vocier Luggage

Want to look stylish at the airport, resort, conference or ski lodge? No matter where you’re traveling, or what for, reliable luggage is a must, so you might as well make it fun. Vocier boasts a luxury line with package options or individual luggage buys. Check out their carry on, which will be ready to take you on any overnight trip or travel with you on your longer adventures.

Modelshot_Man_CP38 anthracite_walking_square Vocier Luggage Vocier

Bose Headphones

We all know those horrible flights. There’s a child screaming, a woman coughing and a super loud conversation happening right in front of you. Slip on a pair of Bose noise canceling headphones for a ride of bliss. Not only will they drown out all of the annoying sounds around you, but you can play audio or video through them at the same time. Watch a movie in peace, or maybe get some sleep on a flight for once.

Quiet_Comfort_35_II_005_10x10 Bose noise canceling headphones come in two styles. Bose

Portable White Noise Machine

Bring the same attitude to your hotel room. You never know what noisy neighbors you’ll find in each place you’re staying, so play it safe. A Marpac portable white noise machine allows you to cancel out the sounds around you, while giving you some extra privacy. It’s an especially good trick if you’re used to sleeping in a home with a fan or noise going at all times.

MarpacRohm-BurgSuitcase-bed-land2-07817 Portable white noise machine Marpac

Dyson Hair Dryer

This blockbuster hair dryer may not be cheap, but it’s powerful and compact, making it the perfect travel tool. You can take perfect hair with you anywhere. The hair dryer comes in a variety of colors, even a limited edition 24K gold version. Throw it in your suitcase, carry on or purse for easy traveling.

HD01_IRSFU_67A5_CMYK Dyson hairdryer Dyson

Manta Sleep Eye Mask

Want to block out the light on a flight or in your hotel room? A Manta Sleep eye mask can grant you serenity and total darkness to relieve you of your surroundings. Unlike other masks, the Manta design circles around your eyes rather than putting pressure on the eyeball. It leaves room for your eyes to breathe, as well as blocks light from all sides.

L4 Manta Sleep Mask Manta

Travel Sized Camera

Is it really a vacation if you don’t take photos of it? The Canon Powershot G9 X is sleek and stylish while small enough to transport easily. The photo quality is sure to be higher than your smartphone or digital, but acts similarly to a classic camera. Without too much fuss, the professional-quality piece can fit in your bag and take superb photos everywhere you go.

canon Canon G9X Markll camera Canon

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