Cute but Deadly Baby Black Mamba Caught Hiding in Moving Boxes

A cute but deadly baby black mamba was found hiding among moving boxes at a couple's home in South Africa.

Black mambas are native to Africa and are one of the deadliest snakes on the continent. A bite from the venomous snake has a fatality rate of 100 percent if left untreated. However, it is a shy and reclusive species that tends to stay away from humans unless provoked.

Snake catcher Nick Evans—who provides a snake removal service in South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal province—was called to a house in Westville, in the Greater Durban area, after the owners saw a black mamba slithering indoors.

But this was "no easy search," Evans said in a Facebook post. The house was full of packed boxes as the homeowners were moving. Evans previously told Newsweek that this sort of clutter is perfect mamba habitat, as it provides a safe, warm place to hide.

The baby snake had been hiding among the packed boxes in the home.

To Evans' surprise, the homeowners "weren't too bothered" about having the highly venomous snake slithering around their home. They helped Evans in his search, but it proved a tricky task.

After searching the boxes to no avail, the homeowners told Evans to leave, and they would call back if they spotted it again. "Not many people that relaxed with mambas, hey?" Evans said.

However, as he walked out, an object in the doorway wrapped in bubble wrap caught his eye. He moved it away, and revealed the black mamba.

He said the black mamba was only around a year old. He estimated it to be three feet long. Black mambas are one of Africa's longest snakes and adults can grow up to 14 feet in length, although their average length is around 8 feet.

"Cute little thing," Evans wrote. "Still, highly venomous!"

The snake catcher has found other baby snakes recently as it is the middle of the South African snake hatching season. South African snakes typically lay their eggs at the start of the summer, from the beginning of December. They hatch around three months later.

Evans said he will collect data on the snake for research, before releasing it into a safe environment away from people.

Black Mambas are often found in properties around Durban as they generally border valleys or nature reserves, which is perfect habitat for the species. Mambas can be attracted to human mess such as untidy sheds. They also feed on the kittens of feral cats, who wander the properties in search of food.

Black mamba
A stock photo shows a black mamba, one of Africa's most venomous snakes. vencavolrab/Getty Images