Cute Thanksgiving Wallpapers & Backgrounds That Are Free to Download On Your Phone

To bring some festive cheer to our phones, there are websites, apps and various ways in which you can change your wallpaper in time for Thanksgiving. From autumn leaves to fall colors, there are so many images to choose from.

There are plenty of ways to make your phone, tablet or even desktop full of festive cheer using high-quality backgrounds, available all over the internet.

Thanksgiving Wallpaper For Your Phone

The first thing to consider is your phone and what apps may be available to provide wallpaper options. Phones which use Apple or Android operating systems do not always have the same apps available to them.

One way to look for appropriate background apps is by searching in your App or Google Play Store, or wherever you get your apps from.

If using an Android or Google phone, Google has its own Wallpapers app, which allows you to find a whole host of autumnal scenes in the "life" section.

The app company Android Station also has a Wallpapers app, which has its own fall section, as well as options for other holidays such as Christmas and the recent Day of the Dead.

These wallpapers are often updated as well to reflect new trends.

Within the Google Play store are also various specific apps for Thanksgiving wallpapers, which include cartoons and other thematic photographs.

On the iPhone, the Vellum Wallpapers app has 44 wallpapers to start with, and regularly updated daily wallpapers.

Floor Girls also designed an app specifically for Thanksgiving backgrounds which are optimized for iPads, but can also be used for phones.

The Thanksgiving Day Wallpapers & Backgrounds HD app also has various options for a festive background on your iPhone, and it can be found on the Apple App Store.

The website Wallpaper Access also has images which are used for phones as well as desktops.

Thanksgiving Wallpaper For Your Desktop

For those looking further than just their phones, the website Unsplash offers free visuals and has a huge range of images, mainly photographic, but many which bring home the holidays.

These are not only photographs, and many include graphic additions like handwriting and shapes.

There are many websites that offer free imagery, another is Pixabay, which is a photography website with images perfect for your Thanksgiving computer background.

For those who are looking for something more graphic, FreePik is a good option, and contains, wording, cartoons, and messages to perk up your desktop.

All of these are free, but those with a subscription can use some of the options on Getty Images, with some graphics available.

Those with a free login to the website Canva can also upload their own photographs and make their own graphics for Thanksgiving.

Stock image of Thanksgiving
A stock image of a Thanksgiving dinner Getty Images

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