The Cutest TikTok Unboxing of the Year Involves 4 Paws

It's that time of year when unboxings are unusually popular, especially on TikTok. One unboxing, in particular, is gaining traction with viewers online. One person even called it the "cutest unboxing ever," and it involves a cute and cuddly kitten.

Snorri is a ginger-colored cat that's developed quite a following since he first burst on the scene last year in November. He even has his own Instagram account as well as a TikTik account under the username @ourcatsnorri. The original unboxing of Snorri in a cat carrier has 1.6 million views and over 248,000 likes. In the video repost, a million people have viewed the sweet surprise unboxing with over 101,000 likes, proving the content is still just as cute as it ever was.

Unboxings can and usually are a result of gift-giving, which isn't always a cheap undertaking. On average, consumers plan to spend $997.73 when it comes to holiday gifts in 2021, according to the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics. It just goes to show people are willing to drop money during the holidays still. However, that total fell short of the amount people planned on spending in 2019, totaling $1,047.83 before the pandemic.

In the viral unboxing video involving Snorri, someone opens the cardboard cat carrier to unveil the small ginger kitten. Both people, presumably the cat's new owners, exclaim with joy upon seeing the cute cat who looks around, unsure of its surroundings with a toy next to him.

"On my gosh, he is so cute," one of them says, and it's clearly love at first sight.

TikTok logo on a phone
Commenters can't seem to get enough of Snorri's unboxing video. The TikTok logo on a phone in a person's hand. LOIC VENANCE/Getty

People had numerous comments about the cute video. One TikToker called it the "best unboxing video."

Another viewer simply puts it as, "unboxing cuteness."

Others had reactions like, "awww cute little piece of love," and "sooooooooo precious."

Cats can be pretty cute, and one viewer would probably agree. "There's nothing cuter on this planet than a kitten!" they said.

People seem to be falling for this tiny kitten. "Awwww," a viewer said. "Beautiful cat."

Fans can see more of Snorri on his TikTok or Instagram pages. He's much bigger now as he's grown since the original unboxing. However, he's still as cute as can be and beloved on social media.