Dachshund Having a 'Romantic Moment' With Her Boyfriend Caught on Camera

An adorable video of a Dachshund called Winne having a "romantic moment" with her boyfriend Sox has gone viral on TikTok with over 1.4 million views.

In the video, the brown smooth dappled Dachshund can be seen looking serene while a border collie licks her face.

One user commented "lights are on but no one's home," to which the OP replied "Crying at that."

Known for their long bodies, short legs and prickly temperaments, Dachshunds are described by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals as "fairly intelligent."

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A stock image of a Dachshund. A Dachshund and a Border Collie shared a romantic moment on TikTok. Ирина Мещерякова/Getty Images

Can You Train A Dachshund?

Described as "obstinate" by the ASPCA, there are a few other characteristics about Dachshunds that might make training a bit difficult. These include "wanderlust, a tendency to bark and howl, and a high prey drive."

There are two sizes of Dachshund—standard and miniature—and three coat varieties— smooth, wirehaired and longhaired—but they all share the same personality traits.

Pet advice website Wag Walking argued that Dachshunds "are perfect candidates for advanced tricks." They reported that tricks may take patience and time due to their short attention spans, so limit your training sessions to five or ten minutes at the most.

Another important thing to remember is that "his long back and little legs that make him so cute also make him more susceptible to injury. Be gentle with your dog and thoughtful about the tricks you try to teach. Choose tasks that don't put too much pressure on his back or hips and never force him into a specific position. Your Dachshund is capable of learning dozens of tricks, so don't be afraid to be picky with your training".

Positive, reward-based training from an early age is the best way to train a Dachshund, according to The People's Dispensary for Sick Animals. It said: "You'll need to set clear boundaries and be consistent with your Dachshund and prepare to be very, very patient with them. As they have a strong prey drive, Dachshunds have been known to lose interest in their training sessions if they smell something more interesting. For this reason, they suit experienced owners who are aware of their needs. If you need a bit of extra guidance with training, we'd recommend taking them to accredited training classes".

Underneath the original video, coldhearted4 said: "I've owned one my whole life this pretty much perfectly describes all dashunds."

Naomi commented: "That dog stepped on a lot of bees."

While sakane7 wrote: "omg she's one of the cutest doggies ever."

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