Dad Asks Teen Daughter For Fashion Advice Before A Date, and Melts Twitter's Heart

A Houston teenager thought it was cute when her father asked her for fashion advice over the weekend, prompting her to post the photos of her father on Twitter.

Carli Saville took the photos of her father, Jeff, modeling different shirts before going out on a date. Jeff only wanted Saville to advise him on which shirt to wear, but she took it a step further and created a post that went viral.

Posting to Twitter, Saville shared some of the photos of her dad modeling the shirts, with the caption: "Life with a single dad, asking for advice on date outfits my heart."

The Friendswood teen thought it might draw a few comments, likes and perhaps some shares. She didn't think it would go viral, according to the Houston Chronicle.

While Saville's post gained attention, replies to her tweet included responses from her friends as well as single parents who shared in Jeff's plight — how to dress for a date after going so long without one.

"I had no idea it was going to blow up," Saville said. "People are still retweeting and liking it now."

But before Saville could tell her dad about his newfound social media fame, Jeff returned home and informed her that he had been stood up.

"He got home that night and he was really sad," Saville told the Chronicle. "I didn't want to make him sad and mad on the same night, so I told him the next morning."

Father Gets Dating Fashion Advice From Daughter
Carli Saville took several photos of her father, Jeff, modeling different shirts before he went on a date last Saturday. Her daughter duty was to simply advise dad on which shirt to choose. Photo from Carli Saville Twitter

Saville showed her dad the posts, and subsequent responses, the next morning. At first, Jeff was a little embarrassed, but he then embraced the idea of what Saville had done.

"Once he saw how many people were relating to it he started getting really excited about it," she said.

The response was so overwhelming that Saville helped her father set up his own Twitter account.

"I opened his DMs [direct messages] in Twitter, so hopefully he will be getting some soon," Saville told the Chronicle.

Saville said her father wants to find someone who can be a soulmate who mirrors his faith.

"He wants someone who is wholeheartedly centered on the Lord and that is outgoing, funny, down to earth and sweet," Saville said. "That's what he always says when he describes who he wants to find in his soulmate."