Dad-to-be's brilliant Reaction to Discovering He's Having Triplets Goes Viral

A dad-to-be's reaction to finding out he and his wife are expecting triplets is going viral online, after he went through a rollercoaster of emotions.

His wife captured the incredible moment on camera, and shared his wholesome response to TikTok.

In the video posted by Shari_lea_plus_3, the mom-to-be enters the car after a doctor's appointment, where her husband is waiting.

Shari captioned the video, which has been watched more than 7 million times: "Telling my husband we're having triplets."

Already aware of the incredible news, she makes sure to keep the camera rolling as she hands him a copy of her ultrasound scan.

"What the f*** am I looking at?" he asks, as he unrolls the scan.

Shari explains: "One, two, three."

His mouth drops open as he gasps, saying: "What? You're having three?"

He bursts out laughing, as Shari says: "There's f****** three in there babe."

Still processing what has just happened, he rubs his face with his hands, as he says in disbelief: "What?! Wait, wait, wait. F****** triplets."

He looks at the scan again, saying: "Nah, they've got it wrong."

At last, the good news seems to sink in as he laughs again and leans in to embrace his wife.

In comments responding to well-wishers, Shari revealed she too cried when she was given the news, explaining her husband wasn't allowed to join her for the scan.

"It was rough but now he is able to watch them grow at all the ultrasounds," she confirmed.

The mom-to-be, who is now 16 weeks pregnant, said: "It's a scary thing to hear at first but now I'm excited!! Oh yes all of our family is so pumped and happy. I think I was more in shock than him. His wore off sooo much faster than mine."

And commenting on her husband's brilliant reaction, Shari said he was "extremely shocked but he was beyond happy."

She admitted: "I think it took me longer to process than him. So much love he has for these babies. So happy I could capture the moment. By the drive home he was looking about 70."

In a follow-up video, Shari explained "baby B and C are identical and baby A is fraternal."

In a gender reveal, the parents-to-be found out the fraternal triplet is a boy, while the identical ones are girls.

She said: "We're praying they stay in until 35-36 weeks since they won't let me go past 36. My husband is making sure I don't go over for it. It will be an interesting journey."

Commenting on the video, Bethany Vinton said: "The amount of emotions you see him go through in such a short period of time. Congratulations!"

Tee wrote: "He looked happy but genuinely so scared at the same time."

Michelle joked: "He lost his vision for a sec!! Had to rub them eyes."

Chas Xo pointed out: "His eyebrows when you said "two.""

While Andrew R thought: "I'm pretty sure I saw a few more grey hairs spring up during this video. I know mine would have been half white by the end."

And Carleigh added: "His reaction was everything."

Revealing plans for the future, Shari said they had not decided on names yet.

"Still working on those. It's hard to think of 3 we both like," she said.

And Shari confirmed these three will be their only kids, adding: "We will just have the triplets. . . no we will not have more after them."

Stock image of triplets lying down
Stock image of triplets lying down. A dad-to-be's brilliant reaction after discovering his wife is pregnant with triplets is going viral. Getty iStock/DZM

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