Dad Catches Falling Toddler Using 'Awesome' Reflexes in Impressive Video

Being a parent can require some super human skills from time to time, as one dad on TikTok has recently demonstrated in a now-viral video which has 6 million views.

In the video, shared by Chris Lossing, known on the app as Ninjaman87, is footage shot on a surveillance camera in the family's living room.

In the clip, which was shared on November 1, we can see a small boy sitting on a sofa as Lossing is pottering around in the background with a large pet dog.

Text overlaying the video, which can be watched here, reads: "On today's episode of what did my living room camera catch. Dad reflexes in full effect!"

We then see the small boy lean back on the sofa facing backwards, and lose his balance.

As he begins to topple over, Lossing dives round the side of the couch to catch the child and break his fall to stop him landing on his head.

The father then lies back on the carpet in relief as the child looks at him stunned.

Lossing, who is from Orlando, Florida, captioned the impressive scene with two super hero emojis, and the clip has so far gained more than 867,000 likes since it was shared on the app.

It was also reposted to Lossing's Instagram account, as well as by popular meme account, Pubity, where it has attracted a further 950,000 likes.

Many people have rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the impressive moment.

One social media user, Kaitlin_harrison23, wrote: "Dog's just like yeahhh imma head out, hope you're fine though."

Another person, Ashlee Lapeyrouse, added: "The smile on dad's face afterwards! He's so proud of himself for getting there in time!"

Amber asked: "If you haven't had this moment, are you even a parent? I had a crazy good catch... wish I had it on camera."

Xavier_nies18 typed: "I mean the kid probably would've been fine lol but still fire save," alongside a laughing-face emoji and a flames emoji.

Alicemphillips shared: "I have definitely done this when my toddler almost pulled a console table down on himself."

Dorji.wangchuk.pam commented: "The reflex was awesome. The twist was unnecessary though. He was like my goalie of our football team who always made few extra turns after he had already caught the ball," along with a string of laughing-face emoji.

Dullassharp advised: "Next time just let the kid fall. Only way he'll learn what happens when you roll off the couch."

man catching baby
A stock image of a toddler being thrown in the air by a man. On TikTok a father shared the moment he used his reflexes to catch his falling son. iStock