12-Year-Old Served THC-Laced Cupcakes in School, Was 'High as a Kite': Father

A shocked Texas father said his 12-year-old daughter was "high as a kite" after eating a cupcake given to her during class for a student's birthday last week.

The other student gave Isaac Hernandez's daughter and other classmates the cupcakes to celebrate her birthday on Thursday, KPRC-TV, a Houston-based television news station, reported.

But soon after eating the treat, she and the other students began feeling ill and went to the nurse, who called Hernandez, according to the station.

Her family told KPRC the student said her father baked the cupcakes. She allegedly told her peers the cupcakes were "not from the grocery store."

Hernandez's daughter texted her family from the nurse's office, writing: "Can you please tell daddy to hurry? I feel like passing out," KPRC reported.

She said she felt dizzy and like she "was in a dream and just wanted to wake up," the news station reported.

Her father said when he made it to the school, he realized what happened, noticing her pacing back and forth with her eyes wide open, according to the station.

"I look at her, and she looks deep in my eyes. And I know, she's high as a kite," Hernandez said.

Her family took her to a local hospital to test her for drugs. Hernandez told the news station he "just needed to know what it was."

Ultimately, she tested positive for THC. The family called for an investigation by the school.

A spokesperson for Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District told KPRC the incident remained under investigation. Still, the family feels the school could have done more to prevent it.

"Aren't y'all paying attention to what the kids brought, and what they all are sharing?" the student's grandmother Ofelia Motta told KPRC. "This could have been someone's life."

Edible marijuana products have their way into other schools in recent months. In November, a group of elementary school students in Maryland ate THC-laced gummies, WUSA-TV, a local station, reported. Officials did not know if they knew what they were eating.

Father Outraged Daughter Ate THC Cupcake School
A Texas parent is outraged after another student gave his daughter a cupcake laced with THC at school last week. Here, cupcakes are seen in New York in March 2015. Chuck Fishman/Getty Images

In October, a school district in South Carolina fired a teacher after she allegedly left edibles in a prize box for students. A student allegedly grabbed one of the products labeled "Stoney Patch Kids." The teacher told him to pick something else, and he then grabbed another bag of edibles.

The student later asked an after school day care teacher to help him open the candy, but the teacher noticed the packaging labeled it as edibles.

Newsweek reached out to the school district for comment.