Dad Dragged for Complaining About Looking After Own Children as Wife Works

The internet has slammed a man who sent his wife a string of angry messages when watching their children while she was at work and he was on holiday.

In a post shared on Mumsnet on Wednesday, the wife, who goes by the username Totallybonafido, explained that her husband is "clearly resenting the loss of his child-free summer holidays, where he would be free to please himself for the whole 6 weeks."

"I am getting several messages a day about how much the [DearChildren] are p**sing him off and winding him up and how he hates his life," she continued. "I know what it's like, I have looked after the [DearChildren] by myself several days a week while I was on mat leave.

father looking after children
The internet has slammed a man who sent his wife angry messages after taking care of their kids while she was at work. Here, a stock image shows a father struggling to look after his children. Getty Images

"[DearHusband] has let them get to him way too much and has worked himself up into an absolute rage. I've been considering going home early today to take over as [DearHusband] is not handling it well at all," she said.

Totallybonafido then asked the Mumsnet community if she was being unreasonable for thinking that he should just "suck it up" as it won't be six full weeks, and the family will step in to help.

According to research carried out by the National Fatherhood Initiative, 7 percent of dads and 28 percent of moms stay at home full-time. About 63 percent of dads feel like they spend too little time with their kids (35 percent for moms).

Approximately 4 percent of households with children 18 or under are led by single dads, 22 percent are led by single moms, and 40 percent of dads and 17 percent of moms would like to be more involved but they say their spouse interferes with their involvement.

Most of the 306 comments the post has received in the last two days are aimed at slamming the father. One user, ZenNudist said: "[YouAreNotBeingUnreasonable]. He needs a reality check."

Chickychoccyegg said: "I would have no patience with [DearHusband] in this situation, obviously you don't have the school holidays to yourself when you have dc, it's a bonus he's a teacher as you only have to pay for term time childcare, tell him to suck it up and get a grip."

Another user, Sweetmotherofallthatisholyabov, asked: "Is it his first summer doing this? I found going full time at home with dc a nightmare and dh probably got a disproportionate amount of venting texts because it's considered poor parenting to roar fuck off at kids. But I got used to it after a while."

Eunorition commented: "He is basically threatening your children's safety, and/or mental health, if you do not stop work and do all the childcare so he can sit on the sofa and be a child too. He 'hates his life'? He's 'in an absolute rage'? They 'p**s him off'? What a dismal experience for those poor kids. And he knows he's holding their well-being over your head.

"I wouldn't tolerate a man who cannot competently and lovingly parent his children. If he's an 'enraged' risk to them he can fuck off and sit in a bedsit, alone and single and enjoying his long, lonely summer holiday," Eunorition continued. "Your kids come first, and he's doing nothing for them."

Grimchmas said: "For goodness sake don't go home early and rescue him, talk about making a rod for your own back!! He has children. He needs to look after them. Tough s**t." And EL8888

Added: "100 percent he needs to suck it up. He sounds lazy, entitled and selfish."

Another user, VariationsonaTheme, pointed out: "He needs to get over it, you don't get to have 'solo' holidays once you have kids. However, it is hard to fill the days for six weeks when they're little and need a lot of entertaining. Once they got to about 7 I loved my six weeks at home with them."

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