Dad's Hilarious Reaction to Being Surprised by Son on Birthday Trip Goes Viral

A dad's hilariously dejected response to being surprised by his son on a birthday trip away with his wife in Hawaii has sparked much amusement online.

According to a study published in The Journal of Positive Psychology, vacations play an important role in increasing levels of well-being and mindfulness - the notion of living in the moment.

Few places are better suited to finding this kind of mindfulness than Hawaii. However, as a video shared to TikTok by rising Sacramento-based musician Lames shows, things don't always quite go to plan.

When his father touched down in Hawaii with his wife, he evidently assumed he was there to enjoy a relaxing vacation and celebrate a low-key birthday. But as shown in the video, which has been watched some 18 million times online, his son had other ideas.

Eager to surprise his dad on the big day, Lames colluded with his mom on a plan that would see him arrive at the resort and sneak up on his dad singing "Happy Birthday" on a ukulele.

With the plan set, it was left to his mother to trick Lames' dad into thinking he was posing for a photo while secretly recording their son's entrance.

Decked out in a Hawaiian shirt and looking relaxed and at ease with his surroundings, Lames' dad appeared only too happy to pose for a photo.

But his posture and expression quickly change when Lames comes into shot, unable to stop himself from laughing as he tries to sing to his pop. He barely gets a word out before his dad utters the immortal line "oh what the f***!"

"Safe to say he loved it," Lames' caption alongside the clip reads. The video can be watched here.

Though undoubtedly said in a flippant tone, the dad's response will no doubt have chimed with many a father out there who would rather be left alone than made a fuss of.

While those commenting on the video could see the funny side, many could relate to the dad's expletive-led response.

"Let the man enjoy his birthday, damn," S1E wrote. Cobra Massey agreed, telling Lames he "really ruined his [dad's] vibe."Sadgirlgoodvibes felt his dad was clearly "not having it" while SuperRaeDizzle declared "your dad is me in every scenario ever."

Yaeme_ said it seemed obvious his dad "wanted a break" from his son with ranchwifelife adding: "As a parent of a boy who would do this, I FELT THIS."

Giannallys reflected on the dad's reaction and "the way the light in his eyes just disappeared" after his son came into view.

Thankfully, Lames returned to TikTok with a follow-up post showing him and his dad enjoying a laugh together in Hawaii, so their bond appears as strong as ever despite this minor mishap.


Reply to @cobra.v2 i told yall he loves me mane 😓 #dad #family #lovingrelationship

♬ AUUGHHH - 🇩🇴

Newsweek has contacted Lames for comment.

Earlier this month, a husband and father divided opinion after he told his wife he would rather spend one of his landmark birthdays with friends rather than his family.

Another dad, meanwhile, drew criticism online after it emerged he had returned his daughter's birthday gift in order to buy himself something "useful."

A surprise party.
A file photo of a surprise party - a video showcasing a dad's unhappy reaction to being surprised by his son on his birthday has sparked much amusement online. Justin Case/Getty