Dad Refusing To Let Kids Outside Amid 'Russian Invasion' Fears Sparks Worry

A worried dad has prompted concern online after his wife revealed he is refusing to let their children go to school amid worries over the escalating tensions between Russia and the West.

On Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he was putting his country's nuclear forces into special "combat readiness."

Prior to that, the Russian president had warned that any outside interference in the invasion of Ukraine and, specifically, an attack on Russia would result in "horrible consequences" for those involved.

Though President Joe Biden has so far held off changing America's nuclear alert status, and U.K. politicians have voiced doubts about the idea of Putin using weapons of this kind, these developments have ratcheted up anxiety among many watching on at home.

One alarming response recently came to light on Mumsnet, where a U.K. mother revealed the extreme steps her husband is taking to prepare for the "Russian invasion."

According to the post, he is refusing to let their kids "leave the house and go to school," despite the family living just 10 minutes away.

"He is usually intelligent, aware of world events and history. He used to be in the marines and is very aware of military history and stuff," she explained.

Despite her children trying to convince him otherwise, their dad simply "won't budge" and has insisted that they take the "whole week off."

These developments drew concerned responses from those replying on social media. LadyGardenersQuestionTime said: "This is not a normal reaction," while Fridafever branded his behavior "abusive," noting that while he may be having a "mental health crisis" the mom needed to "remove the children" from their house.

FourTeaFallout felt that regardless of his worries, it was wrong to "swamp" their children "in fear" by keeping them inside.

WouldIWasShookSpeared urged the woman to talk things through with her husband. "He needs to think rationally about it. Say what he is afraid will happen and say why he thinks staying at home will help," they said. "I think often when people are asked to explain things like that, they realize they are not being logical."

ZenNudist urged the woman to "seek medical help" for her husband while EmpressCixi felt his actions were "probably driven by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)."

According to the U.S. Department of Veteran affairs, PTSD affects a significant percentage of veterans returning from conflict.

They estimate that around 11-20 percent of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom have PTSD in a given year. Around 12 percent of Gulf War Veterans have PTSD in a given year while as many as 30 percent of Vietnam vets have experienced it in their lifetime.

Visit the homepage of the PTSD Foundation of America for information and help on treating PTSD in the U.S.

A man and Vladimir Putin.
Stock image of a man / Russian President Vladimir Putin at the National Space Center in Moscow. A U.K. man's extreme response to the rising tensions involving Russia has gone viral. Prostock-Studio/ Sergei GUNEYEV / SPUTNIK / AFP/Getty