Dad Branded 'Rude' for Refusing to Share Food With Neighbor's Kid

A man is facing the wrath of the internet after his unimpressed partner took to social media to detail how he steadfastly refused to share his food with a five-year-old child.

"Sharing is caring" may be an over-used adage, but it still rings true, with a 2013 study by researchers from the University of Antwerp finding that children who participated in food sharing during family mealtimes grew up to be more altruistic as adults.

Maybe that's why the mom in this particular viral post reacted with such anger to her partner's apparent aversion to sharing his meal with his neighbor's kid.

Writing under the handle Lynnabis, the Reddit user explained that her boyfriend had "made himself a plate of leftover Chinese for lunch" that day while the boy was over at their house playing with their children.

A boy with an empty bowl.
A file photo of a boy with an empty bowl. A dad has been slammed for failing to share his food with a little boy from next door. djedzura/Getty

"The neighbor's kid asked if he could have some too," she said. "My boyfriend said no and ate his plate of food."

The woman said when she found out what he did, it "broke" her heart as the child is only five and there was apparently plenty of food on her partner's plate for him to share a little.

"I told my boyfriend in the future to either send the kid home first, or only eat what he's willing to share with him," she said.

However, her partner was unrepentant and told the woman he can do "whatever he wants in his own home" and "doesn't like the neighbor's kid and feels feeding him isn't our responsibility."

The post has already earned over 6,000 upvotes on Reddit, with the majority siding with the upset mom. One comment, from a user, posting as CatsInAOvercoat, read: "Mama always said you don't eat in front of guests unless you got enough to share. It isn't your responsibility to feed the kid, but if the kid is there at dinner time let him know it's time to go home or feed him."

That remark earned over 16,000 upvotes, with many others echoing this sentiment.

shhhOURlilsecret said: "You don't eat in front of other people, it's just plain rude. I grew up poor to the point we put food back in the stores. But we never ever just ate in front of other kids come dinner time without offering what little we had."

Wordsmythy added: "It's fine not to want to feed the neighbor's kid, for whatever reason.... selfishness, liability, not having enough for everyone. But you DON'T then EAT A PLATE OF GODDAMN FOOD IN FRONT OF THE KID."

Some sought to defend the man's actions. Appeleer wrote: "Don't assume your cultural customs are universal." But that line fell flat with many. Feto_ingeniero, for example, responded: "In what culture or place is normal and common to eat something in front of your visitors and not offer some to them?"

Others like 23saround put it more bluntly. "If anyone has a hungry five year old kid asking for food in their home, and says no because he "doesn't like them" then you are an a******," they said.

Newsweek has contacted Lynnabis for comment.

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