Dad Squeezes Into Spider-Man Costume To Surprise Son on Birthday

A superhero dad has been applauded after donning a Spider-Man costume to give his young son a birthday surprise he is likely to never forget.

Pretend play and the ability to engage in fantasy and make-believe worlds is important to a child's early development. According to Scientific American, research conducted by psychologist Sandra Russ in 2004 concluded that it "allows the expression of both positive and negative feelings, and the modulation of affect, the ability to integrate emotion with cognition."

Simply put, children who engage in pretend play are better adjusted to the rigors of teenage life and adulthood that lie ahead. While it's important to encourage independent play among children, adults can still take an active role in encouraging them to delve into fantasy worlds.

One dad who appears to be performing his duty in that regard is Atlanta-based photographer Chuck Rare. In a video shared to Twitter, Rare detailed how he decided to surprise his son, Kacey, on his birthday by dressing up as his favorite superhero.

Or, as he put it in the caption accompanying the clip: "My son wanted to meet Spider-Man for his birthday so I hopped my thick a** in a spider suit and surprised him."

The resulting encounter was captured in the video shared to social media—and it does not disappoint with Kacey clearly delighted to meet the world's most famous webslinger.

In the clip, Kacey could be seen sharing a high-five and then a hug with his superhero dad as he left the party. The other kids present were clearly delighted with the special guest too and waved him off with shouts of "Bye Spider-Man!"

Rare, to his credit, signed off with a flourish, exiting out the door with an adorable Spider-Man-inspired cartwheel that had his audience in raptures. His impressive efforts quickly captured the imagination of social media, with footage of his Spider-Man birthday surprise racking up 2.5 million views on Twitter.

"This is so cute ," XxStarbabixX wrote. "But the tumble at the end made me weak." GoBlue43729 commented: "You got to make your son's day and you got to be Spider-Man for a day. Everyone has wanted to be a superhero at some point as an adult, but the real world frowns on that stuff."

CloneDaddy1 quipped: "Great! As if we didn't already have too many Spider-Men." And SpeakOnItTC said: "Now that's how it's done bro... Salute." TomaNorris responded: "This is funny as hell... but he didn't care what you looked like he was just really happy Spider-Man came to his party. He's going to remember this for the rest of his life."

Speaking to Newsweek, Rare said he was inspired to don the form-fitting costume after a conversation with his son. Though Kacey's mom had reservations about his dad gatecrashing what was supposed to be a Lego-themed party as Spider-Man, Rare said he was determined to do it for his son.

"I had doubts about putting the suit on at first but still went through with it," he said. "He was shocked but still knew it was me. All the other kids had no clue it was me and were all excited to see Spider-Man."

"I was very shocked to see the video blew up since we always record videos playing around together and expected nothing different from this one," he added. "I'm very happy that I went through with putting on the suit for his birthday and would do it over again to put a smile on his face."

Rare said: "Honestly I had a blast in the Spidey suit and felt as if I was living out my own childhood dreams. My only regret is not practicing my Spider-Man moves beforehand."

Reflecting on the experience, he encouraged other fathers out there to do the same. "I do hope that my small gesture in the video inspires other dads to be more present in their kids life and to seize every opportunity to make them happy," he said.

A dad surprising his son as Spider-Man.
A dad surprising his son as Spider-Man. Chuck Rare's efforts as the Marvel Comics webslinger delighted the internet. Chuck Rare