Dan Avidan Grooming Allegations Explained as 'Game Grumps' Host Under Fire on Reddit


It has since come to Newsweek's attention that screenshots do not provide evidence that sexual conversations happened while the victim was underage. It wasn't until they were aged 22 that the alleged sexual activity happened, and Avidan ceased all contact with the woman.

Reports on Reddit and Twitter are circulating that the woman has retracted her statement but those posts have since been deleted.

Screenshots show that the original poster of the Reddit thread accusing Avidan of grooming has now said: "I did some more research and came to the conclusion that the Reddit thread maybe really didn't have the most trustworthy evidence aside from maybe the video. But the video doesn't prove anything about grooming. So far it seems more like Dan using a groupie for sex."

Avidan has provided a comment to Newsweek about the claims.

"I stand by the fact that any interactions that took place of a sexual nature with the person in question were done so when she was 22 years old and we were both consenting adults," Avidan stated. "To claim I engaged in any predatory behavior is simply untrue. I have made mistakes in the past, and I apologize if my actions or words ever made anyone upset, but those mistakes were never ill-intentioned, exploitative or illegal in any capacity."

Original story below:

Internet personality Daniel Avidan is being accused of sexual misconduct for allegedly grooming an underage fan after screenshots of explicit texts were released.

The 42-year-old co-hosts YouTube gaming comedy channel Game Grumps, and he is also a musician and lead singer of the band Ninja Sex Party.

An anonymous woman posted a thread on Reddit on March 21 which has gone viral that allegedly contains screenshots of texts between Avidan and the woman who was underage at the time of the exchanges.

The post on the subreddit r/rantGrumps also features a video allegedly of Avidan in a hotel room in a hot tub back in 2017, as well as screenshots of alleged text conversations between the gamer and the victim that seem to be "sexual in nature" and also shows the accused trying to illicit explicit videos.

The woman alleges that she was 17 at the time while Avidan was 34 when she first reached out to him in 2013.

Dan Avidan
Musician Leigh Daniel Avidan of Sex Ninja Party performs during the third-annual SXSW Gaming Awards at the Hilton Austin Downtown on March 19, 2016 in Austin, Texas. Suzanne Cordeiro/Corbis via Getty Images

She claims that the text conversations with Avidan turned into "sexts" once she turned 18 and eventually "led to her meeting him backstage at a Game Grumps Live show where sexual activity occurred." After this encounter, the woman says Avidan stopped all communication with her.

Newsweek has contacted Game Grumps for comment.

Avidan was previously embroiled in a sexual misconduct controversy in 2019 when multiple threads documenting accusations emerged online, stemming from his ex-assistant Kati Schwartz performing a play called "Bad People" that "recontextualized" her experience with the gamer in light of the #MeToo movement.

Schwartz posted to Instagram in October 2020 discussing the HBO documentary The Vow about the cult NXIVM and its leader Keith Raniere, and compared it to her own experience.

"I was the victim of a charismatic, rich and famous man—a man not altogether unlike Kieth Rainere," she wrote. "I was lead to believe I was special, seen, loved and CHOSEN. It was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. Falling under his spell lead to me abandoning my values and doing ANYTHING for this person. I was manipulated, abused and ultimately had my entire sense of self taken from me. Five years later, I'm still recovering every day."

Following the allegations against Avidan this week, Schwartz also posted to her Instagram Story: "To be clear: Dan Avidan is a dangerous man and a [predator]. I wont answer more questions but there it is, folks. Let my play and my writing speak for itself."