'Dancing With The Stars': The Most Expensive Costumes Ever Made

Not only does each season of Dancing With The Stars promise great entertainment, it also delivers some pretty spectacular costumes.

As it enters its 30th season this year, we're expecting even more pizazz.

Some took to social media last night to bemoan host Tyra Banks' several costume changes throughout the opening episode, with one Twitter user writing: "Is there any fan of the show that cares about Tyra's costume changes?"

What we're most excited for though, is the amazing outfits the celebrities and their dance partners will be wearing as they take to the floor.

Another Twitter user reacting to the show wrote: "Everyone looks so good on #DWTS I'm glad to have so many 'recognizable' people - the costumes are beautiful and tasteful and the routines are very good."

How Much Do Dancing With the Stars Costumes Cost to Make?

The show's costumes can cost up to $5,000 per outfit thanks to the use of expensive fabrics like silk and satin, and elaborate embellishing using rhinestones, feathers. Another factor is the cost of labor, since they take so long to put together.

Sometimes they can be an investment though, as they can be reused elsewhere on the show.

Jenna Johnson and JoJo Siwa
Professional dancer Jenna Johnson and YouTuber JoJo Siwa made history on 'Dancing With The Stars' as the first same sex pairing to hit the dancefloor ABC

"We use past costumes in opening numbers, or we use them on our troupe as background dancers and on the tour," Daniela Gschwendtner, one of the show's costume designers, told Parade.

What Was the Most Expensive Costume Ever Made?

In 2014, reality TV star Sadie Robertson was paired with professional dancer Mark Ballas.

For Week 9's trio dance challenge, they danced alongside Emma Slater for a Foxtrot set to "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" by Frankie Valli.

Robertson's dress in that number was the most expensive ever made for the show.

"It had 25,000 rhinestones, and now, it gets reused and rhinestoned even more," Gschwendtner said.

As for the men's outfits, her partner Ballas - who has since left the show - was often the one wearing the most expensive costumes, as Gschwendtner continued: "He was always open to everything, which allowed us to be creative. We got to custom paint and fully rhinestone his costumes."

What Happens to the Costumes After the Season Ends?

For the most part, at the end of the season costumes go into storage, but some are auctioned off for charity or reused in subsequent shows.

Some celebrities reportedly bought their outfits once the season wrapped, including Ricki Lake, Nancy Grace and Kristi Yamaguchi.

While they may often like the garments enough to open their wallets, the celebrities don't actually have much input in the design process.

"We have a creative team that sets the looks, but we still make sure the celebrity has a say and feels comfortable in what they are wearing." Gschwendtner said.

Emma Slater and Jimmie Allen
Professional dancer Emma Slater dances with country singer Jimmie Allen in the season premiere of 'Dancing With The Stars' ABC

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