"Dancing With the Stars'" NFL Connection

When ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" resumes this week, former New York Giant Lawrence Taylor will be in the starting lineup, making him the fifth NFL legend to appear on the reality megahit. It invites the question: what is with the bizarre symbiosis between gridiron greats and ballroom dancing? The men say it's one-upmanship. Legends in their prime, they still itch for competition. Jerry Rice got the ball rolling, and the others leaped at the chance to best one of their own. Ex-Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith won in season three. Taylor, for his part, is aiming a bit lower. "I don't want to embarrass myself," he says. "I've been through Super Bowls and I haven't been as nervous." In the spirit of sportsmanship, Warren Sapp offers LT some advice: leave locker-room chauvinism behind. "Put the mascara on. Put the man-liner on. Get in touch with your feminine side," Sapp says. "It'll be all right."