Danger on the Road: Texting While Driving

I remember hearing my girlfriend scream." Patrick Sims, 18, recalls the tragic sounds of a car accident last year in which he killed a bicyclist. The sounds haunt Sims, but the sights--well, Sims never saw the bicyclist until it was too late. He was text messaging. Now, as part of his punishment--which included spring break in jail--Sims advises area high-school students: texting and driving do not mix. There have been several texting-related car accidents in the past year, and in a recent study by Liberty Mutual and Students Against Destructive Decisions, 37 percent of teens ranked texting as "extremely or very distracting." Ewan MacLeod, who runs a Web site called SMS Text News, is shocked that texting on the road is still legal in most of the United States. "When I'm watching '24' and Jack Bauer is sending text messages and driving, I'm coming out in a sweat," says MacLeod, who lives in the U.K., where texting drivers are heavily fined. Now safe-driving advocates are turning to public awareness; Sims himself recently helped make a movie to be shown at high schools.

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