Dangerous Rising TikTok Trend Sees Fast Food Worker Put Ice in Deep Fryer

A trend in its beginnings on TikTok is already a concern, as it sees a Popeyes worker pour a basket of ice into boiling oil.

The video gained over 18 million views in just two days, as the oil bubbled out of the deep fryer, paired with shouting from the worker.

As reported by Mashed, the video trend is just in its very beginnings, after it began as a semi-joke by user @tyroedodd1. Dodd jokingly posted a video from the kitchen of a fast food restaurant, approaching the fryer with a basket of ice.

"I'm sick of this job," they wrote on-screen. Although the basket appeared to be about to be dunked straight into the deep fryer, the video stopped just before.

After being uploaded last week, the post has gained over 10 million views, and sparked one dangerous copy-cat video.

Two days ago, a Louisiana Popeyes worker posted a similar video to their account, @michaelcazeau46, but actually went through with the dangerous act. Tagged as "Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen" the worker approached the fryer before dunking the basket of ice into it.

The hot oil visibly reacted with the ice, bubbling up immediately before overflowing and pouring out of the sides of the fryer. "Take it out," repeated an off-camera voice.

"Should I try two cups of ice?" they asked in a comment with 62,000 likes, as they added that a part two is coming.

"This trend isn't going to end well," commented one user.

Mixing ice and hot oil is extremely dangerous, as explained by firefighter and TikToker @firedepartmentchronicles, who reacted to the video. "Just remember two things before you try the newest Darwinism challenge. Number one, water expands 1,700 times its normal size when it's converted to steam. Number two, it's really hard to call 911 when you're screaming in pain when you're covered in boiling hot grease," he said.

The ice's sudden change of state when it hits the boiling oil leads to an extremely violent reaction. The more ice added, the worse the reaction will be, meaning the trend could lead to even more extreme reactions than that of Cazeau's video—including a potential burst of flame.

As shown by various videos across YouTube, which experiment with the mixture, pouring ice into hot oil can lead to huge flames. A popular video, aptly titled, "This Is Why You Should NEVER Throw Ice Cubes Into a Deep Fat Fryer!!" showed the oil bubbling up, before suddenly bursting into flames.

One basket of ice may not have led to such a reaction, but the promise of doubling it up looks likely to.

Newsweek has contacted TikTok and @michaelcazeau for comment.

Deep fryers in restaurant kitchen
Stock image of a deep fryer in a kitchen. Getty Images