Daphne the Runner Stuns Twitter with Effortless 19 mph Workout in Viral Video

Daphne the runner has caught Twitter's attention in a viral video that sees her running at a remarkable speed without seeming to break a sweat—and she has people both impressed and scared.

A training facility named ubrZati in Melbourne, Florida originally shared the video of the women running on TikTok in a video that amassed more than eight million views.

espnW shared the TikTok video on Twitter where it has been viewed more than four million times. The video features four athletes running at speeds of 19 miles an hour or higher, and they are all seriously impressive. One runner, however, has caught the attention of Twitter, for how effortless she makes the feat look.

19 MPH?! This is incredible 😤

(via ubrzati/TikTok) pic.twitter.com/Lbe7OgmUHH

— espnW (@espnW) March 17, 2021

Twitter users are obsessed with—if not a little frightened of—Daphne.

Twitter user @breezyhunna said "Daphne is an assassin," while @JoeBriggsEsq said "Daphne is a problem. Everybody else looking like they are being chased... Daph? Hunting."

Twitter user @OmariiYagamii said: "her as an evil spirit [haunting] people"

The runner was also compared to the villain in Halloween who always manages to improbably escape at lightning speed by @idkwho2follow who said: "I [imagine] that's how Michael Myers be running when the camera not on him"

Bradley on Twitter said: "Whoever cheats on Daphne [is] not living to see tomorrow"

Other than being terrified of what the runner may be capable of, many Twitter users are impressed by how smoothly Daphne looked while running so fast, like @TrisdenAubrey who said: "No fr can we talk about how smooth and quiet her strides are and how comfortable she looks running at 19 mph lmaoooo"

Twitter user @musesloveme replied and said: "I was thinking this! Daphne look like she was out for a light jog that can't be her top speed."

Tomas said: "Daphne was like 'I got this'" and attached a photo of Spongebob Squarepants.

Daphne has also amassed fans on TikTok who have asked to see more of her incredible running, resulting in the TikTok account for the training facility @ubrZati to create a compilation video titled: "Which edition would you choose?"

The video imagines the runner as a video game player and features 'Base Model Edition,' 'Glasses Edition,' '19mph Jog Edition,' and 'Yellow Shirt Edition.'

According to its website, ubrZati "specializes in developing athletes of all ages and skill levels with unique speed and performance training equipment and scientific methods."

It claims to use a set of scientifically developed protocols that "rapidly develop athletes beyond their normal capabilities to build sustainable speed, power, agility, and endurance."

The training facility doesn't, however, train its athletes how to become an assassin or repeatedly run away from Jamie Lee Curtis—that's all Daphne.

Newsweek has contacted ubrZati for comment.

Treadmill running
People run on treadmills at a New York Sports Club January 2, 2003, in Brooklyn, New York. A runner named Daphne has stunned Twitter users with her running in a viral video. Spencer Platt/Getty