Daredevil's Apartment Available to Rent Oct. 19

Matt Murdock has been "dead" since The Defenders, and it looks like nobody's paying rent at his loft apartment in Hell's Kitchen. Marvel posted an ad to Craigslist Wednesday, listing the 1BR/1Ba at just $2000. At that price, it's actually quite a steal for the area… well, if you don't mind billboards shining through the three floor-to-ceiling windows at all hours of the day.

daredevil season 3 apartment 4
Marvel lists Daredevil's apartment on Craigslist. Netflix

The apartment comes furnished. If you like dusty, old couches and armchairs, this one's for you. Both cats and dogs are allowed. The exact address is unclear, but Craigslist's radius estimates somewhere between West 27th and West 63rd, and Park Ave and 11th Ave. To narrow it down a little further, Wikipedia delineates the boundaries of Hell's Kitchen as between 34th and 59th Streets from 8th Avenue to the Hudson River.

daredevil season 3 apartment craiglist 1
Marvel lists Daredevil's apartment on Craigslist. Netflix

Here's the full description:

Spacious loft apartment located in heart of Hell's Kitchen, left virtually unscathed by recent tremors. Hardwood floors and exposed brick from floor to ceiling. Marvel at the reclaimed industrial windows that provide a must-see view of Hell's Kitchen. At night, brilliant neon lights across the street bathe the apartment in a soothing, warm ambiance.

Previous tenant left without notice, so apartment comes fully furnished! Kitchen features a modern wooden bar and floating kitchen shelves for additional storage. Apartment is outfitted with sliding doors and an open floor plan, great for anyone with accessibility needs. Within walking distance of a boxing gym, courthouse and local law offices.

With an apartment this nice, you'll feel like you're living a double life. Don't miss out, this apartment will be available October 19.

daredevil season 3 apartment craiglist 2
Marvel lists Daredevil's apartment on Craigslist. Netflix
daredevil season 3 apartment 3
Marvel lists Daredevil's apartment on Craigslist. Netflix

There doesn't seem to be any Easter Eggs in the four pictures included with the post, but there's three stacks of mail on the coffee table. Matt Murdock has clearly been missing for quite a while when Daredevil Season 3 starts. New episodes hit Netflix when the post says the apartment is available, Oct. 19. Let us know if you spot any Easter eggs in the comments below.