Daring Rescue Caught on Camera After Man Jumps Into the Sea to Save His Brother

A man has praised his older brother for saving his life by jumping into the sea to rescue him—claiming he wouldn't have made it if his brother had waited five minutes more.

The daring rescue was captured on camera after the man dived off rocks into choppy waters in Australia.

Footage shared by TikTok account Global Goons shows the man leaping into the ocean—and quickly getting into trouble.

He is surrounded by sharp-looking rocks, with ferocious waves beating against them, and caught in the middle of the washing-machine-like current.

A clip of the dive, which amassed 1.6 million views, was shared on Wednesday and simply captioned: "By far the worst idea I have ever had (and I have done some dumb stuff)."

A day later, the man uploaded a longer video showing how his brother had rescued him, claiming he was sharing the second clip in the hopes of deterring other thrill-seekers.

"The only reason I'm posting this is to show people what not to do, was 1 bad decision," he wrote.

The video of the rescue, which can be seen here, has racked up 2.5 million views and shows concerned onlookers rushing down to the rocks, trying to help, as a man swims out on a board.

A rope is fashioned before it seems one unsuccessful attempt is launched, while people on the shore can be seen bringing life jackets and buoyancy aids.

The video then cuts to the brothers returning, with one clinging to an inflatable while the other is on the board, as they're hauled onto the shore.

In the comments, the man said he was minutes from disaster and credited his brother with saving his life.

"I owe my older brother everything for going in after me," he wrote, adding: "If my brother was only five minutes later I wouldn't be here today. My head was spinning when he got to me with my board."


By far the worst idea I have ever had (and I have done some dumb stuff)

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"The ocean is so strong," he continued, explaining that he got caught in a bad tide. "There was some nasty underwater currents, after I got sucked down for a bit my brother jumped in with a board and we had to swim out.

"Yes, there is so much that can go wrong and that's exactly what happened because I didn't stand back and think."

He added: "I can't believe I came out at all."

The video of the incident, which took place six months ago, is an example of "what happens when you don't think."

He admitted ruefully: "If it makes some of the people that follow my page think twice about doing high risk activities, I deserve the backlash." And he did receive a barrage of criticism from TikTokers for putting himself and his brother in peril.


Reply to @silvermintie the only reason I’m posting this is to show people what not to do, was 1 bad decision

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Margot & Bunny commented: "Your mum could have lost two sons that day. Lucky you both got out and plenty of people trying to help. Good to put it only so others can see and not do the same thing. Glad you're ok."

EllieMealie wrote: "People don't realize the absolute power of water."

Tori MacDonald was angrier, posting: "My brother almost died saving someone doing what you did! Think about people's families and children before being so selfish."

Kendal fumed: "You should always think abut the safety & families of the hero's who rescue people like you. Don't put them at risk for your fun. It's not fair."

Remebutlerbeauty reckoned: "Wow. Things could have been so different. Thank god you were saved by your brother and thank you for raising awareness now."

Another user, Vanessa, posted: "How does he even have that much energy to get out?? I would have drowned by the time someone rescued me. The water is not as beautiful as it looks. Evil."

Kman commented: "Well done posting the vid. Obviously knew you were gonna get haters but good to show people what can go wrong."

Newsweek has reached out to Global Goons for comment.

File photo of man cliff jumping.
File photo of a man cliff jumping. A man praised his older brother for saving his life after he got caught in rough seas. Polychronis Giannakakis/Getty Images