'Dark Souls Remastered' Switch Release Delayed to Summer

Dark Souls Remastered comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC in late May, but the Nintendo Switch version has been delayed. This information comes by way of a tweet from the official Dark Souls Twitter account.

Due to the nature of causality, we must announce that the Nintendo Switch version of #DarkSoulsRemastered will be pushed back to summer of 2018, and with it, the release of the Solaire of Astora amiibo.

PC/PS4/X1 versions will maintain their May 25th release date.

— Dark Souls (@DarkSoulsGame) April 17, 2018

Unfortunately, Bandai Namco didn't confirm a new date for the Switch release. All we know is the game is delayed until "later this Summer." That means we can expect to see a release anywhere between late June to September. The Dark Souls Remastered Switch delay will also hold up the Solaire amiibo set to release alongside the game.

Based on other tweets and a press release from Bandai Namco, it seems the decision to delay Dark Souls Remastered is to make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible on Nintendo's latest console. "The new release timing gives the development team the time needed to make sure Nintendo Switch players can fully appreciate the true Dark Souls experience anytime and anywhere, thanks to the unique portable nature of the Nintendo Switch console," the press release reads.

Rest assured, this time will ultimately be used to improve your journey to Lordran.

— Dark Souls (@DarkSoulsGame) April 17, 2018

The PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of Dark Souls Remastered will still release on schedule, and will be playable starting May 25.

So what do you think? Are you bummed to see the delay of Dark Souls on Switch? Would you rather wait a few extra months if it means Dark Souls Remastered will be a better experience? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.