Darren Criss Leads Tributes to Brother Charles Criss After Death by Suicide

Darren Criss has spoken of his devastation at losing his brother Charles Criss, who died this week at the age of 36 after taking his own life.

The Glee star, 35, confirmed the news on Wednesday and shared a post speaking about his heartbreak in a lengthy tribute to his older sibling.

"It breaks my heart beyond measure to say that my beloved brother Charles has left us," Darren Criss wrote on Instagram alongside a number of family photos.

"His loss leaves behind a debilitating fracture in the lives of his mother, his brother, his three small children, and their respective mothers."

The actor explained that for several years his brother had "struggled to find stability during an unfortunate rough patch" in his life.

"Despite our very vocal concerns about his well-being, and his protestations that everything was fine, it's crushing to say now that Chuck clearly had had a severe depression welling up in him for some time," Darren Criss continued.

"A depression that was only outmatched by his all-too-incredible ability to conceal it. Not just from the world at large, but most tragically, from the people who were closest to him."

After posting his tribute, several of Darren Criss' former Glee co-stars, including ​​Matthew Morrison, Kevin McHale and Lea Michele, reached out with messages of support.

"Love you Darren. We will miss you Chuck," Michele wrote.

Morrison said: "Love you, buddy. So sorry for this heart-breaking loss. Rest In Peace, Chuck."

Many other celebrities shared their condolences with Criss and his family.

"Oh Darren, I'm so sorry for your loss. All my love to you and your family," commented actress Alison Brie.

Charles and Darren Criss
Charles "Chuck" Criss and brother Darren Criss attend the after party following the cast change in "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" at Sardi's on January 3, 2012 in New York City. Bruce Glikas/Getty/FilmMagic

Musician Lizzy McAlpine wrote: "holding space for you & your family and sending you so so so much love."

Many fans also paid tribute on Twitter, with one tweeting: "today i send my condolences and my prayers to #darrencriss . can't imagine how he feels at the moment, may his brother be in a better place. to all the ones who don't believe in therapy : mental health is something real, don't ever hesitate to ask for help in moments of need."

Another fan wrote: "@DarrenCriss sending so much love and prayers. we loved chuck so much, he was such a bright light in our lives and he will live on through you and the music that you both made together. we love you so much, darren. we are here for you and your family during this difficult time."

Darren Criss urged others who feel similarly lost or hopeless to reach out. "Seeking professional counseling and support is a wonderful way to help you see just how abundantly love is available to you," he said. "There is simply too much love readily available in this world to lose sight of that."

"While it was a lapse in Chuck's mental wellness that took him, it is simply not something that can define who he was," Darren wrote of his brother. "All of the wonderful, inspiring, positive things about his life far outshine the circumstances by which it came to an end.

"He was a good man with a good heart who contributed enormous amounts of laughter, music, and joy to the world. And for the ones who were lucky enough to take part in those wonderful moments, it's marvelous to know that those memories are plentiful, everlasting, and can never be taken away."

If you have thoughts of suicide, confidential help is available for free at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Call 1-800-273-8255. The line is available 24 hours every day.