Daughter Pleads Guilty to Second-degree Murder of Mother After 'Ultimatum' Set by Father

Karrie Neurauter pleaded guilty to second-degree murder of her mother following what was described as an "ultimatum" set by her father, according to local investigators.

The 20-year-old from Corning, New York, was accused of killing her mother, Michele Neurauter, 46, last August, as was her father, 45-year-old Lloyd Neurauter, according to the Democrat & Chronicle.

Investigators claimed that the father-daughter duo planned the death. In a statement on Wednesday, Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker said the Rochester Institute of Technology student admitted to plotting the murder with her father, according to local reports.

Lloyd Neurauter told Karrie that she needed to help him kill her mother because he felt financially burdened from child support and alimony, and also wanted custody of his youngest child. If Karrie didn't help him, he said he would kill himself, according to WENY.

While Karrie was not "physically involved" in the murder, the district attorney's office said she drove her father to her mother's house, where she then shut off the home devices. The 20-year-old played with her younger sibling while the murder took place and was involved in a staged setup to make it look like a suicide, according to WHAM.

She gave a false story to investigators to hide the involvement of herself and her father.

Local reports stated that as part of a plea deal, Karrie would not face more than 15 years in state prison, but only if she agreed to testify against her father at his trial, which is scheduled for September 24.