David Beckham's MLS Team Unveils Name and Logo to Mixed Reactions

The name and logo of David Beckham's Major League Soccer club were unveiled on Wednesday to mixed response.

The team will be called Inter Miami FC and will make its debut in the MLS in 2020, while the words "Club Internacional de Fútbol" feature around the shield in the middle of the logo.

"Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami is a name that celebrates the incredible energy of one of the most exciting cities in the world—one that is diverse, passionate and ambitious—a city that has welcomed me and so many others, so warmly," Beckham said.

“This is such a proud day for myself and for the entire team. It’s an honour to announce the new name and crest to our fans." - David Beckham, Miami MLS Owner and President of Football Operations#InterMiamiCF #ThisIsMiami #MLS pic.twitter.com/9LSeQa4V6W

— Inter Miami CF (@InterMiamiCF) September 5, 2018

In a statement accompanying the unveiling, the club explained what the elements featuring on the black, pink and white emblem logo represent. The white herons symbolize freedom, while the eclipse represents the "people of Miami's dedication and determination to work day and night." The shield signifies "strength and solidarity," while the heron legs "communicate unity" and the roman numeral MMXX marks the year the club will first compete in the MLS.

This is our story. This is our crest.#InterMiamiCF #ThisIsMiami #MLS pic.twitter.com/p3yCkFiO0S

— Inter Miami CF (@InterMiamiCF) September 5, 2018

While many praised the effort, others criticized it scathingly for a lack of originality and some went as far as suggesting the club will be forced to rebrand sooner rather than later.

After Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz why is David Beckham allowed to still name things? A truly abysmal name.

— Tom Rennie (@thomasjrennie) September 5, 2018

This is truly terrible. Awful. Logo fine but the name - how can you seriously propose this? Club Internacional de Futbol Miami...Inter Miami CF...?!...so so bad. Surely you’ll need to rebrand in the coming months ahead of the season - can’t seriously launch a team this laughable!

— Oscar Hills (@Oscar8192) September 5, 2018

It sounds like FIFA Ultimate team name that some 10 year old thought of 😂

— Matthew Webber 🦁 (@Maverick4886) September 5, 2018

The name, of course, is reminiscent of Inter Milan, one of the giants of Italian and European soccer. Officially named Internazionale—"international" in Italian—the team are known as Inter in Italy and Inter Milan in the English-speaking world.

However, Miami's decision to incorporate the word "Inter" in their name left many puzzled.

This name.....either Inter Miami, Miami CF, or CF Miami.

Yall just went overboard on the unneccessary european stuff

— We're in Space Now, But the Drip is Forever (@autto421) September 5, 2018

Absolutely atrocious name, decent logo, great colour scheme.

— Rex (@ThatRexGuy) September 5, 2018

In fairness, it is not easy to name a team and create a slick, classy emblem to win over fans. The MLS has seen some pretty dreadful efforts in the past. Until the 2014 season, the Columbus Crew logo looked like the poster of a boy band, while New England Revolution continue to use what looks like a discarded entry for the 1994 World Cup logo as their own.

Columbus Crew old logo was replaced in 2014. Columbus Crew

Away from the MLS, the controversy surrounding Chief Wahoo, the logo of the Cleveland Indians, has rumbled on for decades, amid accusations of racism. In 2014 the Indians relegated Chief Wahoo to be used on caps and jersey sleeves—it will be completely removed in 2019—but its replacement logo is as poor as its predecessor was offensive. A giant capital C in red. Not only is the logo unimaginative, it's also the same design Cleveland had used as an alternative in the past.

GettyImages-1021939270 (2)
Manager Terry Francona #77 of the Cleveland Indians watches the eighth inning against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park on August 23, 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Indians new logo is clearly visible on his shirt and cap. Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The Indians are not the only Cleveland team with an incredibly boring logo. The Cleveland Browns use an orange football helmet with a brown facemask, which apparently represents the "strength and toughness of Cleveland."

At least Inter Miami FC aren't the first Miami-based franchise to wheel out a logo to a less than favorable reception. The Marlins rebranded in 2012 and the color scheme is such a spectacular eyesore that staring at it for too long will give you a headache faster than sipping one too many cocktails on South Beach.