Jenelle Evans's Husband David Eason Denies Threatening Woman With a Gun

David Eason denied accusations of threatening a woman with a gun, according to an E! News report on Thursday. A woman named Sandra Britt, who works in real estate, claimed Eason threatened to shoot her outside of his North Carolina home after he noticed her on his property last weekend. TMZ was first to report the story.

Britt claimed she was checking out rental properties in Riegelwood, North Carolina, near Eason's home. When she spotted the black metal gate surrounding the house Eason shares with wife and Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, she stopped to take a look at the house, she explained in an interview with Us Weekly on Wednesday.

"I looked down and saw a real nice black metal gate. I go, 'Oh wow, what's that, that's pretty nice out here,'" she told the publication. "So, I stopped and I back up just to take a look. I wasn't gonna do anything… I'm almost to the end of the road down, I looked up and there's this four-wheeler flying at me. He was flying. He was driving really really fast. An ATV."

Britt alleged Eason began screaming "belligerently" at her and asked why she was looking at his property. When she told him she was a real estate agent, Britt claimed Eason continued to curse at her and she noticed he had a gun with him.

"I'm looking at him the whole time because he's cursing, ranting and swearing… and then I see… he's got a gun," she said. "I kept looking at that gun, and he goes, 'That's right. I got a gun and I will shoot you. Come back on my land and I will shoot you.'"

Britt claimed she filed a police report shortly after the incident.

Eason posted a video on Instagram Stories in response to Britt's claims on Wednesday, E! News reported. He noted a woman was near his property, but he said he never threatened her with a gun. "Not only did I not have my gun on me but I was in no way trying to defend my life. I was literally asking if you needed help," Eason said, noting it was the second time he spotted the woman purveying his neighborhood.

The alleged altercation comes just a month after Eason shared an Instagram photo of himself cradling a rifle and threatening anyone who attempted to trespass on his property, which is commonly referred to as "The Land" on Teen Mom 2.

"Thanks for the visit from your @secretservice friends today @realdonaldtrump. I told them how much I like you except the fact you want to ban bump stocks and take guns away from people just because someone "red flagged" them," he wrote.

"Then I told them to get the f**k out of my house and dont ever come pass my trespassing signs again. Like holy s**t, I thought your people were all about border security. Well there is a border around my land that is protected from intruders by lethal force also, just like your house," he added. "Don't expect my gate to ever be open again. I hope and pray that nobody ever tries to trespass on my property as they will be met with fire and fury, the likes of which they have never seen before."