Day Care Company Sued By Mother of Toddler Allegedly Slung Against Furniture By Worker

A day care center is being sued for negligence by a South Carolina mother who says her child was abused by a staff member, the Associated Press reported.

Ashana Odom's lawyers filed a complaint on Wednesday saying that her 3-year-old son was grabbed by the arm and slung at The Sunshine House's location in Aiken. The staff member, identified as D'aja Brown by WRDW 12, was allegedly fired a day after the incident despite the day care covering it up.

The complaint also said that a supervisor was nearby but on her phone as the boy was hurt. He allegedly did not receive medical care after the incident, which happened after the boy accidentally spilled milk on the floor.

"This toddler was effectively tossed like a piece of garbage headfirst into some cubbies, and it resulted in some pretty bad and very significant injuries," said Odom's lawyer, Justin Bamberg, who dealt with The Sunshine House's Aiken location after parents sued a different worker for child neglect.

Bamberg also posted a statement on social media in which he posted camera footage of the incident with a trigger warning. "Today we filed a lawsuit on behalf of this young king and his loving mother, and we demanded the national daycare company finally close this particular location before someone's child ends up dead," he said. "Enough is ENOUGH!"

Odom's lawyers held a press conference where a photo of the boy's injuries was shown. The child is still receiving medical care a month after the incident.

Brown has been charged with unlawful neglect of a child or helpless person. Newsweek reached out to The Sunshine House for comment.

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File photo of teddy in police car.
A day care center in South Carolina is being sued by a mother whose child was allegedly abused by a staff member. gargantiopa/Getty Images

The Aiken facility has a history of understaffed and underqualified caregivers, said Bamberg.

Facility employees wrote in a report that the boy had pulled away from the teacher while turning around, "causing him to trip over his shoe and fall into cubbies."

A statement released by the day care operator after the worker's arrest said Brown had been working at the facility for less than two months.

Bamberg said The Sunshine House should shut down the facility given its track record, noting there are two other Sunshine House facilities a few minutes away that could serve parents' needs and accommodate qualified staff.

The Sunshine House runs more than 100 schools across nine states, according to its website.

Odom said Wednesday that she was heartbroken and upset over what happened to her son: "He's 3. He's a baby," she said.