'Daybreak' Netflix Ending Explained: What Happened at the End at What it Means for Season 2

After nine episodes of Mad Max meets high school carnage, Episode 10 of Daybreak ended by twisting the plot of the series of its head as Josh's (played by Colin Ford) plan to get Sam (Sophia Simnett) back by saving her from Burr (Matthew Broderick) failed.

In the ending scene of the Netflix show, she decided to take Burr's place and become the new Turbo (Cody Kearsley) rather than reunite with Josh who, it was revealed in the penultimate episode, had slut-shamed her while they were dating.

As for Turbo himself, we were led to believe he had died in a duel (or as Turbo called it, a "dual") with boyfriend Wesley (Austrin Crute) as the pair fought over which side they should fight on. However, when Wesley shot first, glitter came out of the gun (turns out it was one of Josh's official commemorative confetti guns from Hamilton), though Turbo surrendered to Wesley's plan nonetheless.

In Episode 9, we learned of Burr's plans to set off a second bomb in order to wipe out everyone except his chosen brigade of students in order to create a new world of his own making. We also learned that his evil was worse than previously thought, as it was he who had caused Ms. Crumble (Krysta Rodriguez) to act as she does by pushing her down some stairs and giving her a brain injury.

daybreak netflix ending
Principal Burr spawns a monster at the end of "Daybreak." Netflix

That penultimate episode also taught us how only teens had survived the bomb. For some reason, only those who had been vaccinated against HPV had survived with their full faculties into the apocalypse. Burr then offered these survivors a type of slime that he said would help with the effects of the radiation, but he lied. Instead, this slime was laced with a poison that knocked out people who took it, allowing Burr to imprison anyone who fought against him.

As part of this, he fired another missile at the school, which temporarily left Sam, Josh and co deaf. Once everyone got their hearing back, the teens started putting their plan against Burr into action. With Turbo 'defeated' in the duel, he sacrificed his leadership to Josh, who led a raid on Burr's compound.

Luckily for everyone, however, the end episode of Daybreak saw Josh manage to defeat Burr using a sword laced with peanut butter, which the former principal was deathly allergic to in a callback to the pilot. Just as viewers thought the villain was dealt with, however, a monster started to emerge out of his stomach, though Josh also dealt with that...for now.

As for the bomb, Angelica (Alyvia Alyn Lind) was able to stop it from destroying the remaining survivors with the help of Crumble, who taught the teens that the bio weapon had been responsible for turning the adults of Glendale into 'ghoulies'. Crumble was able to detonate it by turning herself into a mist, which seems to be another strange by product of the bomb that we will surely learn more about in Season 2.

daybreak ending explained
Sam Dean becomes the new Turbo at the end of "Daybreak." Netflix

As Daybreak has been nothing if not an unconventional show, this does not necessarily mean that Burr or the monster living inside him is gone for good. For example, the last episode also featured a moment where he and Crumble marged hands which was left unexplained and may be picked up as a plotline in Season 2, especially after Burr's dying warning that "you were so busy fighting each other you haven't seen the real threat coming."

Season 2 could also see the cast dealing with future mutations as they continue to deal with the effects of the radiation under the new leadership of Sam and her deputy Mona Lisa (Jeanté Godlock). In the finale we learned that the bomb contained a biological elements that re-sequenced genes, meaning that literally anything could emerge in the second season if Netflix orders more episodes.

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