'Daybreak' on Netflix's Production Designer on Bringing the Show to Life and What to Expect from Season 2

Post-apocalyptic dramas have spread across TV over the last decade like a horde of radioactive zombies out for human flesh, with every network and streaming service offering their own dark take on humanity's future.

Netflix's most-recent effort Daybreak, however, seemed to offer a fresh take on the genre by mashing it up with the high school drama, presenting us with a post-apocalyptic landscape filled with cultural detritus and Easter eggs.

According to production designer Laurel Bergman, who has also worked on epic films like 2012 and Rampage as well as Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events, this was baked into the series from the time she was first working on the show. She told Newsweek her brief for the show was: "If Ferris Bueller and Mad Max had a baby. It was intended to have the look and feel of a comic book with bright pops of color in and amongst a boundary-less expanse of Apocalyptic wasteland that somehow this is not only going to be awesome, it's going to be ballers."

According to an interview Daybreak creator Brian Ralph gave to Business Insider, Ferris Bueller's Day Off was always the biggest inspiration to building the world of the series. He told them that series director Brad Payton pitched the adaptation to him as "Ferris Bueller in the apocalypse," with the author adding to Den of Geek, "Payton thought it would be a good idea for the main character, Josh, to break [the] fourth wall and that's where Ferris Bueller nod comes in. It's a throwback to an '80s classic and Matthew Broderick as one of the stars just makes it that much better."

Though Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Mad Max are the obvious cultural touchstones, Bergman revealed there are hundreds of Easter eggs to movies from the 1980s to now among the wreckage of Glendale as she designed.

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"Daybreak" on Netflix combines "Ferris Bueller" and "Mad Max" Netflix

For example, Bergman highlighted an obscure Easter egg that most fans missed from Principal Barr's (Broderick) office. She said: "There is A LOT of meta/pop culture references in the show - nods to amazing TV shows, movies, music - I think fans will all find something they are excited about.

"I really wanted the 'key to the city of Glendale' on the wall in Principal Burr's office, dude...do you remember where that was from? The Big Lebowski."

However, she teased that the references may expand even wider in Season 2 if Netflix decides to commission more of the series. When asked what fans could expect, she said, "Stay tuned for next season, school's out for-ever!"— not only a reference to the 1970s Alice Cooper song, but also a hint that the world of Daybreak will be expanded out from Glendale High as the students start to explore the wider world to see how much of the rest of humanity was laid waste.

Daybreak is streaming now on Netflix.

'Daybreak' on Netflix's Production Designer on Bringing the Show to Life and What to Expect from Season 2 | Culture