'Days Gone' 1.07 Update: Patch Fixes Crashing on PS4 and Other Issues

A new Days Gone update 1.07 has released which fixes crash issues for PS4 users. Find out everything new and changed in the update, here.

Days Gone released exactly one week ago, and like all new releases, it's had its share of kinks to work out. While Bend Studios has been quick to release new patches as issues arise, Tuesday's 1.06 update seemed to bring more problems than it solved. While the update was meant to fix a number of bugs in the new release, for a portion of users — primarily PS4 Pro users— the 1.06 update caused multiple crashes that made playing the game impossible.

While some players reported that crash problems could be resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling Days Gone, the devs at Bend Studios quickly jumped on the issue, releasing the latest 1.07 patch just hours after crash reports emerged.

The patch size is small — just 131MB — which likely means it is a hotfix for the crashing problem. So far no official 1.07 patch notes have been released. Once the notes have been published we'll be sure to update this post. In the meantime, if you ran into any issues with your PS4 crashing after installing update 1.06, installing patch 1.07 is highly recommended.

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