DEA Warns About Halloween Candy Laced With Meth or Marijuana

keef kat DEA
A picture of candy apparently laced with drugs, shared by the DEA in St. Louis ahead of Halloween on Wednesday. DEA

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in St. Louis warned this week that around Halloween there may be drugs laced with meth or marijuana, citing items they confiscated the year prior.

The St. Louis DEA posted photos of drug-laced candy that was given names made to sound like regular candy, such as Buddahfinger (Butterfinger), MunchyWay (Milky Way), KeefKat (KitKat), Rasta Reese's (Reese's), Double Puff OEO (Oreo), Tri-Chrome Crunch (Crunch), Puff-A-Mint Pattie (Peppermint Pattie), 3 Rastateers (3 Musketeers), Twixed (Twix) and Stoney Rancher (Jolly Rancher).

"Marijuana-laced or Methamphetamine-laced candies can go undetected, but have harmful effects on our children if ingested," special agent in charge William J. Callahan said in a warning to local law enforcement, via KSDK. "Halloween is a time for kids to be kids and have fun with family and friends. We don't want anyone falling prey to an avoidable tragedy. Please check your candy closely. If you come across any suspicious treats that have unusual wrapping or misspelled candy labels give it to your local police department."

Callahan added in comments to KTVI that the alert they put out was primarily focused on those candies that may looks "similar in appearance as you'd find in your local supermarket."

The St. Louis DEA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A five-year-old in Ohio had serious health issues this week in what his parents say they suspect was a case of eating Halloween candy laced with drugs. The boy, Braylen Carwell, had some kind of seizure and tested positive for methamphetamines at the hospital, reported WSYX/WTTE. Police are investigating.

"The left side of his face was just droopy and then he fell and then he couldn't move his left arm. And he didn't know where he was, he didn't know what he was doing," Julia Pence, the boy's mother, told WSYX/WTTE.