Dead Dog Found Tied to Anchor in Lake in 'Overt Act of Animal Cruelty'

Officials are investigating after a dead dog was found in a lake in Canada. It is feared the animal was intentionally drowned and made to suffer.

On Thursday, July 1, Sicamous Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) received a report of animal cruelty after a dog was discovered in Shuswap Lake, according to a press release.

Eileen Drever, senior officer for protection and stakeholder relations for the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA), said in a statement that the RCMP removed the body from the water on Monday, July 5.

The animal, described by Sgt. Murray McNeil of Sicamous RCMP as a "large breed," was found tied to an anchoring device near the lake's shore. The anchor stopped the animal from reaching the shore or touching the bottom of the lake. A separate line was tied to a pole on the shore.

The BC SPCA seized the dog's remains and are investigating.

Sgt. Murray McNeil of Sicamous RCMP said: "This is a disturbing discovery as it appears the animal was intentionally made to suffer by drowning."

McNeil told Global News: "The odd and disturbing details about this is that the animal had two lines attached to it. One line was attached to the collar of the animal and a second line was attached to a pole on shore."

He described the incident as "an overt act of animal cruelty."

"It is quite disturbing and, frankly, disgusting to see," he said.

It is unclear, but likely, that the animal was alive when it was put in the water, RCMP told Global News.

Kendra Toner found the dog when she was fishing on the lake, Penticton Western News reported. She said the dog's leg was tied to a fallen tree jutting out of the water, around 10 feet from the shore.

"You can't even access that tree by foot, there's no way, so to me it seemed as though somebody had boated out there to do that."

She said: "It was traumatizing thinking somebody could do that to an animal."

Drever said it appeared someone had attached a weighted object with a rope to the dog's collar.

"The body is badly decomposed, and as a result we cannot determine the breed or colour of the dog," she said.

The dog was wearing a red collar, but did not have an identifying tattoo or microchip.

Anyone with information which could help identify the animal or culprit should contact the BC SPCA or the Sicamous RCMP at 250-836-2878.

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