'Dead or Alive 6' Basics: How to Fight and Fatal Rush Explained

The Dead or Alive series is back with a new installment in the fighting game franchise. Dead or Alive 6 mixes veteran characters with new fighters to bring a unique experience that can be played by newcomers or longtime fans of the series.

However, like many fighting games, you'll need to get a handle on the basics before diving in. Being able to utilize the fighting system in Dead or Alive 6 is crucial, especially if you want to take your skills online.

We've compiled a guide on the basics of fighting in Dead or Alive 6, along with some helpful hints to get you started in the game.

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The four buttons on the face of your PS4 or Xbox One controller are crucial to understanding how to fight in Dead or Alive 6.

Punches are performed with the Triangle/Y button, while Kicks are done using the Circle/B input. By pressing the Punch or Kick button and the direction up or down, you can perform a low or high attack. Distinguishing between high/mid and low attacks is important to blocking, which we will get to later.

Tapping both buttons simultaneously will perform various combos, and each character has their own unique moves.

The X/A button lets your character perform a Throw. Throws need to be executed close to your opponent and can bypass blocks. If you combine the Throw with a direction button, you will perform different throw moves.

Pressing Square/X will allow you to execute a block, preventing your opponent from hitting you. (It's a little confusing, but blocks are referred to as "Holds" in DoA 6.) You'll also need to implement the directional pad to block different types of attacks. If you hold the block button and hold down, you'll block low attacks but be susceptible to high (overhead) attacks. Conversely, if you just hold the block button, you'll be susceptible to low attacks.

Finally, your movements are controlled by the control pad or analogs. Double tapping the forward direction will allow you to run, which opens up more attack possibilities when combined with Punch or Kick.

Dead or Alive 6 has four-way run mechanics, similar to the Tekken games, so you can do more than just back up or advance on an opponent. You can stride left or right around the battlefield using the up and down buttons.


Now that you've got the basics down, here are some more advanced tips to help you master Dead or Alive 6.

As you play, you'll likely notice words like Critical Stun pop-up on screen when you're caught in a combo. As the name suggests, this will briefly immobilize you from being able to block or move out of the way. The only way to bounce back is with a parry.

The best defense in Dead or Alive 6 are Holds/blocks and their counter effects. You can parry and throw your opponent to the floor by correctly anticipating their attacks. Press back and Hold to parry mid strikes (the most common attack). Pressing Hold and forward and up will parry high attacks.

This mechanic takes the most practice to get the hang of, but thankfully Dead or Alive 6 has an extensive tutorial section. We'd recommend trying it out as much as possible.


A new mechanic in Dead or Alive 6 is the Fatal Rush. This is a powerful high strike that will put the opponent into a fatal stun, a state where they won't even be able to parry, leaving them open for longer combos.

Tap the right trigger on your controller to perform a Fatal Rush. This can be thrown into combos with your standard punches and kicks. If you tap the Fatal Rush four times, you can perform a powerful combo. However, you'll need to have enough energy in the break gauge (found below the health bar) to pull it off. With a full bar, you can perform the Fatal Rush combo and deal massive damage. This special combo can only be broken by a Break Hold.

Break Holds are performed by pressing back and the right trigger. This special maneuver requires a gauge that's at least 50 percent full and will allow you to parry any type of strike: high, mid or low.

A Side Attack is another great way to avoid attacks and still hit a strike. By pressing up or down with the right trigger, your character will quickly sidestep left or right around the opponent and perform a quick attack. This is a great way to avoid straight-line attacks and get out of corners.

And finally, we have Break Blows. By pressing forward and the right trigger, you'll use your entire Break Gauge, performing a powerful strike that will cut through your opponent's attacks.

Dead or Alive 6 is available now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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