Deadly Snake Spotted Wrapped Around Pump at Gas Station

A deadly snake was found wrapped around a gas pump at a station in Melbourne. The five-foot-long tiger snake wrapped itself around the pump after sliding out from under a car.

Melbourne snake catcher Raymond Hoser was called to remove the snake. He told Australian news outlet "They are deadly, you get bitten by a tiger snake and it's pretty intense... They're quite erratic."

Hoser said snakes will often crawl into the engine cavity of cars, and when the car stops they slither away without being seen. But today, when the car stopped at the gas station, this tiger snake decided to curl up around the pump.

In a Facebook post on the Snakebusters Australian Snakeman page, Hoser said that aside from the snake at the gas station, he had found plenty of other serpents in all kinds of places.

Spotted in Coles Express Servo Nunawading today. Yes deadly tiger snakes like this ripper specimen have been hitching...

Posted by Snakebusters Australian Snakeman on Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Snakes were found in a wall cavity in a Melbourne university, where copperheads were spotted "all over the place, including in some pallets form who knows where," and a tree snake had been caught "hitching a ride" down from Queensland before turning up in East Bentleigh.

Tiger snakes are the most common snake in Melbourne and they will usually leave if left alone, so they should not be approached. However, Hoser said that: "One wrong move by one wrong person is just destruction."

The Australian Museum says: "Most Australians know of tiger snakes and are aware of their fearsome reputation, though few people will ever encounter one.

"Unfortunately, this species is much maligned because of its aggressive nature and toxic venom; however the tiger snake should be recognized as a great survivor, superbly adapted to some of the most inhospitable environments in Australia."

The museum goes onto say that the tiger snake is shy and generally prefers to escape rather than engage in conflict. However, if the tiger snake is cornered it will "put on an impressive threat display by holding its forebody in a tense, loose curve with the head slightly raised and pointed at the offender.

"It will hiss loudly as it inflates and deflates its body, and if provoked further will lash out and bite forcefully."

Snakes have been popping up in all kinds of strange places, and not only in Australia.

Last week in Thailand, a teenager sat on a toilet and was bitten by a snake on his genitals. In Brazil, a woman swimming under a waterfall at a popular tourist destination when a snake fell down the waterfall and bit her. In the U.K., a man was spotted wearing a snake wrapped around his face instead of a face mask.

The U.S. is not immune to strange snake incidents, either. Two people who were hiking in Yosemite National Park had to be airlifted to safety after being bitten by snakes. In New York, a rattlesnake was spotted at a cemetery.

Tiger Snake
A tiger snake is seen on display at Sydney Zoo on February 24, 2020, in Sydney, Australia. A tiger snake was spotted wrapped around a gas pump after sling out from under a car in Melbourne. Getty/Mark Kolbe