'Massive' Deadly Snake Caught Near Children's Playground in Tense Video

One of the deadliest snakes in the world has been caught hiding in a drain near a children's playground at an Australian beach.

The 6-foot-long eastern brown snake was seen swimming in the ocean at a beach on the Sunshine Coast in the northeastern state of Queensland, according to the company that caught the dangerous reptile.

It then slithered into a drain pipe at the front of a surf club, close to a children's play area at Mooloolaba Beach.

BIG Brown Snake on Mooloolaba Beach 🏖 We responded swiftly to a call at lunch yesterday when a large 6 foot brown snake decided to go for a dip in the...

Eastern brown snakes, also known as common brown snakes, can be found across the eastern region of Australia. Their venom is the second most toxic of any land snake, and the aggressive creatures kill more people in Australia than any other type of snake.

In a tense video shared by the company, the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 worker tells the camera as he drives to the beach: "Luckily we were in the car when the guys called, so we're not far, like literally a couple of minutes away and we're gonna just race and grab him before anything bad happens."

The video shows the snake catcher running onto the beach with a bag on a stick to trap the animal. Lifeguards at the scene tell him the snake is curled up in a drain inside a wall.

The snake catcher uses a hook to poke at the drain to remove rocks and sand from it and bring out the animal. He eventually manages to hook the snake's body, and grabs its tail as it tries to slither back up the drain.

"Oh sh*t," he says as the snake speeds out the tube. "That is a big snake," he adds, as it appears to lunge at him.

As people gather to watch him catch the snake, he says: "He went for a swim down here but he does not need to be here, that's for sure."

Beachgoers can be heard cheering as the catcher puts the snake in his bag.

The video cuts to the catcher releasing the snake in a wooded area. "I've got this massive eastern brown snake," he says. "Taking him away from the beach so he doesn't come back."

On Facebook, Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 thanked the lifeguards at the scene who "went above and beyond, doing a fantastic job at keeping an eye on the snake and alerting the public while keeping a safe distance away from the snake."

The company urged people to be cautious of snakes at recreational areas during the Christmas and school breaks.

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A stock image shows an eastern brown snake, the species of snake found on a beach in Australia. Getty