'Dear UK' Trends on Twitter as Americans Apologize for Donald Trump's State Visit: 'Let the Embarrassment Begin'

As President Donald Trump landed in London for his three-day state visit to the United Kingdom on Monday, anti-Trump Americans flooded the Twitterverse with words of support–and apologies–for like-minded comrades across the pond.

Shortly after Trump touched down, the words "Dear UK" began to trend on Twitter, with some Americans apologizing for the president's visit "in advance," while others asked Britons if they could "please keep" him.

"Dear UK, We apologize in advance," wrote David Rothkopf, an international relations professor and CEO of The Rothkopf Group media company, on Monday. "Let's try to still be friends even after he has gone," Rothkopf implored with the sign-off: "Love, America."

Dear UK,
We apologize in advance. Let’s try to still be friends even after he has gone. Love,

— David Rothkopf (@djrothkopf) June 3, 2019

Dear UK: Can you please keep Trump? We will trade you anything you want to do that!

— (((DeanObeidallah))) (@DeanObeidallah) June 3, 2019

"Dear UK: Can you please keep Trump?" radio host Dean Obeidallah chimed in. "We will trade you anything you want to do that! Signed, America."

The words of support (and apparent trade deal pitches) were joined by dozens of other messages, with one Twitter user praising Britons over protesters' plans to hold major demonstrations across the city opposing Trump's presence in Britain and policies in the U.S.

"I'm sorry that our dolt in chief is over there, but than you for showing up and making your disdain for this 'man' known–in a way that we should be doing, every. single. day," the Twitter user wrote.

"Dear UK, Let the EMBARRASSMENT begin... So sorry," one social media user apologized.

"Dear UK: No refunds, no returns," another quipped.

Several other messages called on Britons to lock the president away in the Tower of London, a historic castle best known for its use as a prison.

"Trump likes towers," one Twitter user wrote. "Do you have a guest room available in yours?"

Dear UK,

Trump likes towers. Do you have a guest room available in yours? #TrumpUKVisit #trumpsaninternationaldisgrace #LockHimUp pic.twitter.com/CCNiMak3X2

— T.R. Morley (@TheRealMorley) June 3, 2019

"Dear UK, please put him in the Tower of London," another agreed. "Lock the door, and lose the key."

Trump's state visit began with a ceremonial welcome in the gardens of Buckingham Palace, which was attended by the Queen, Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Pro- and anti-Trump protesters could be seen clashing outside Buckingham Palace as the welcome ceremony unfolded in video published by The Independent.

A major demonstration protesting the president's state visit is expected to take place on Tuesday, with thousands planning to attend, along with the "Trump Baby," the 20-foot blimp that greeted the U.S. leader during a less formal visit last year in July.

Donald Trump, Queen, Buckingham Palace
Queen Elizabeth II officially welcomes U.S. President Donald Trump as they attend a Ceremonial Welcome at Buckingham Palace on June 3 in London, England. A major anti-Trump protest is expected to take place in London on Tuesday. Getty/Samir Hussein