Car Belonging to Decapitated Woman Found in California, Police Name Boyfriend As 'Person of Interest'

Police in California have located the missing vehicle of a woman who found decapitated near a survivalist bunker in northwest Washington state. Authorities filed charges Monday against 35-year-old Jacob Gonzales, who has been deemed a “person of interest” in the case.

The Island County Sheriff’s Office said that 26-year-old Katherine Cunningham’s missing Honda Civil was found abandoned on Interstate-5 in Yreka, California. The vehicle was found about 560 miles away from where Cunningham’s body was discovered on March 3.

17522796-1320248418066322-1530465229655887869-n_crop Jacob Gonzales, 35, was charged with five counts of unlawful possession of a firearm and one count of motor vehicle theft on March 12, 2018. Island County Sheriff's Office

The car was taken as evidence and is set to be taken back to Island County for processing in the coming days, the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

The statement also revealed that the Island County Prosecutor’s Office filed charges against Gonzales in the homicide. Gonzales has been charged with five counts of unlawful possession of a firearm and one count of motor vehicle theft.

A $1 million warrant was issued for Gonzales’ arrest. A previous statement issued by the sheriff’s office said Gonzales could be heading to the Las Vegas area.

“Gonzales is believed to be armed and we ask that the public not approach him,” the sheriff’s office said.

Cunningham’s remains were discovered near Tamarack Lane on Camano Island in Washington state on March 3. According to Fox News, investigators found a bunker dug into a hillside containing supplies, guns and ammo near Cunningham’s decapitated corpse. Investigators seized the items found in the bunker.

The Island County Coroner’s Office determined Cunningham died of “homicidal violence with decapitation.” Officials believe Cunningham was killed several days before her body was found and was “specifically targeted.”

A woman, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Seattle Times that she knew both Cunningham and Gonzales and that the two were a couple. The pair, originally from California, allegedly lived with the woman’s family for a short period of time more than two years ago.

Cunningham and Gonzales later moved to a trailer on Camano Island. “It’s just crazy,” she said. “They were in my house, around my kids and I never thought he was capable of something like this.”

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 5 Katherine Cunningham's decapitated body was discovered near Tamarack Lane on Camano Island on March 3, 2018. Google Maps