Deck The (Virtual) Halls

Dear Santa: For Christmas, I would like (1) some money to give to charity, (2) a Christmas tree that won't shed all its needles by New Year's, (3) a rough idea of what Rudolph likes to snack on, (4) an instant response to this letter. Please."

To fulfill these and other Christmas wishes, point your browser to ( have a look around. Learn about penguin life at the North Pole. Write to Santa Claus, checking off a box that tells him whether you've been good or good this year--and get an immediate, personalized reply. Try favorite reindeer recipes for algae newtons and moss snaps. Help out Second Harvest Food Bank, Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage and the Harlem Educational Activities Fund: each time you connect to a charity page at this site, a corporate sponsor makes a 10-cent donation to that group. Finally, try decorating a high-resolution tree with bows, bells and new, hot-off-the-shelf Socks the Cat ornaments. The only drawback to all this online merrymaking? No tinsel.