New, Creepy Porn App Lets You Paste Anyone's Face on the Star's Body

The future is here and it’s incredibly disturbing. A new technology app now allows users to replace the face of a porn actor in an adult video with pretty much anyone they’d like. The technology was first revealed in December, and now only a few weeks later the internet is filled with porn videos in which celebrities have been superimposed into adult films.

The technology can be traced back to Redditor "deepfakes" and involves a machine learning algorithm that swaps celebrity faces onto porn actresses bodies in adult films. Motherboard first began reporting on deepfakes and his hobby back in December, but since then the concept has gone viral. Now, the tools needed to create this “homemade” porn videos including your favorite Hollywood actresses and pop stars are readily available and easy to use. This means that even those without a computer science background and limited knowledge of technology can still make the films. All you need to do is download the FakeApp and have one or two high quality videos of actors you’d like to superimpose in order to make a eerily realistic porn video, Motherboard reported.

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As of yet, the technology seems to be reserved for pornography, and it’s not yet refined enough that you can’t tell that the video has been altered in some way. However, experts suggest the technology won’t stay like this for long. As more and more people try their hand at creating fake porn the technology will continue to advance.

“You can make fake videos with neural networks today, but people will be able to tell that you’ve done that if you look closely, and some of the techniques involved remain pretty advanced. That’s not going to stay true for more than a year or two,” Peter Eckersley, a chief computer scientist for the Electronic Frontier Foundation told Motherboard.

It’s not hard to imagine how people could start using the technology to create porn with the likenesses of not just celebrities, but anyone they’d like. In addition, the technology could advance beyond pornography and one day be used to to make famous figures appear to say and do things that they really haven’t, NY Magazine reported.

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That being said, the Reddit users behind the deepfakes subgroup and the technology that is emerging from this dark corner of the web seem to recognize that what they are doing isn’t exactly savory. One user described the work as “derogatory, vulgar and blindsiding to the women that deepfakes works on,” while still claiming the application has purpose beyond making hyper-realistic porn.

“The work that we create here in this community is not with malicious intent. Quite the opposite," wrote Reddit user Gravity_Horse on the deepfakes Reddit page. "We are painting with revolutionary, experimental technology, one that could quite possibly shape the future of media and creative design."