Unfazed Deer With Crossbow Arrow Through Its Head Stuns Onlookers

A Canadian family that's had a deer visiting them for years were surprised when, during a recent encounter with the deer, they discovered a crossbow arrow piercing its head. Much to their relief and excitement, though, the deer—named Carrot—seemed unaffected by the weapon.

The Carver family—who have since set up a Facebook page for Carrot—have been treated to visits from Carrot for three years in Kenora, Ontario. Lee-Anne Carver posted on her Facebook that the deer came to the family's house on December 9, which is when they noticed the arrow stuck through its head. Luckily, the arrow missed all of Carrot's vitals, and the deer won't need to be put down. Aside from the arrow, Carrot's been behaving normally, but in a post, Carver said that their friend will avoid rubbing trees and play-sparring with other deer.

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A wildlife biologist told local outlet CTV News Montreal that taking the bolt out would be "a complicated process," and it's unclear whether removing it would cause more harm than good. In a Wednesday Facebook post to the Carrot the Magic Deer and the Orange Heart Club page, Carver shared the fear that cutting the bolt would cause it to "splinter and shard," as well as possibly infect the deer. She also reiterated complications that CTV pointed out.

"Any attempt to remove it may cause severe bleeding (as the CTV National News article covered) or even nerve damage. It appears the bolt has cauterized teh [sic] wound," she wrote on the Facebook page.

See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

The hope is that after Carrot's antler's drop, the arrow "may easily slide out," according to an update on Wednesday.

On Carrot's Facebook page, Carver spoke about advocating for new legislation that could make it illegal to shoot urban deer and discharge crossbows so that incidents like this would not happen again.

The post also said it's possible that the family will "ultimately pursue a wildlife sanctuary with a big animal vet on staff since it has been brought to our attention, we do not have that kind of care here."

The Carrot the Magic Deer Facebook page will keep everyone up to date on the deer's journey and what ultimately happens to it. On the page, Carver thanked everyone for their support. "Thank you for lending you hearts to the guy who stole ours," the most recent post reads.

Newsweek reached out to Carver via the Carrot Facebook page for comment. This story will be updated if one becomes available.

Carrot Deer Crossbow Arrow Head
On December 9, the deer they called Carrot surprised a local family when he showed up at their house with a crossbow arrow through his head. Lee-Anne Carver/Screenshot/Facebook