Def, Dumped And Blonde: Dressed For Revenge

Dumped by her East Coast patrician boyfriend, whose political ambitions require "a Jackie, not a Marilyn," the perky, popular Bel Air blonde Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon), a major in fashion marketing, vows to win him back by applying to Harvard Law School, where he is headed. Instead of an essay, she sends a video "directed by a Coppola." In it, the bikini-clad Elle, spouting her California-girl notion of legalese, hawks her assets while posing in a hot tub. She gets in. This video is one of the highlights of "Legally Blonde," a broad, glossy teen comedy that shows off Witherspoon's wicked comic talents. Silly? You bet. But if this Popsicle of a movie melts long before it's over, the first half has more good laughs than all of "Sweethearts."

Legally BlondeMGM
July 13