Defaced Billboard Accuses Local Lawyer of Being Bad Tipper, Twitter Agrees

A New Orleans attorney is going viral after his vandalized billboard got the attention of spurned restaurant waitstaff that claims he frequently cheats them out of a proper tip.

Personal injury attorney Morris Bart became the subject of online ridicule on Thursday when a Twitter user by the online name of GG Allin Turing uploaded a photo of his recently defaced billboard ad. The graffiti calls him a "no tip dips**t" and demands that he "tip better."

one of our local tv personality lawyers is getting dragged to hell

— GG Allin Turing (@dubsteppenwolf) April 1, 2021

The viral post united Twitter users both local to the New Orleans area and across the country who all agreed that the lawyer should leave appropriate gratuities while eating in a restaurant.

"Literally risking their life to serve you rn and [you can't] even tip," one exasperated user commented. "Mistreat service industry workers at your peril," another added.

Several in the comment thread who work in the restaurant industry expressed their frustration as well. "Most of the people I know who've dealt with him in the service industry says he's usually very gracious," said one surprised commenter.

According to Turing, the poor tipping accusations are "very recent" and many in the New Orleans area have said "that he was always great to service staff and people who worked for him before."

I served a private party & he wanted a dzn oysters. When I asked if he wanted mignonette sauce he made a face like I’d called him a slur. Then he wanted me to take the oysters from their shell one by one. Somebody at the party stole the tip jar so the whole night was a waste.

— Millie Bobby Hill (@Megfaye) April 2, 2021

One outspoken commenter who uses the name Millie Bobby Hill online claims she once personally worked at a private party Bart hosted. She said that in addition to his over-the-top demands regarding oysters, the staff was left out to dry when it came to paying the gratuity.

"Somebody at the party stole the tip jar so the whole night was a waste," she claimed. "I still haven't recovered and it was almost ten years ago."

Another Twitter user by the online name of Blackwolf John Oates chimed in as well. "Motherf*****r stiffed both me and my girlfriend when we worked at Royal Blend coffeeshop. $100 tab and zero tip!" he claimed. "Spread the word!"

Though Hill couldn't be immediately reached for comment, she added online that she was "thrilled" with the response the defaced billboard was getting. "I've been trying to drag him since 2012," she added.

@lerindobra congratulations on your adorable son, and the worldwide publicity your unique birthday party for him has generated!

— Morris Bart (@morrisbart) July 30, 2015

This isn't Bart's first viral moment. Back in 2015, he was the subject of praise after a Louisiana mom threw her son a birthday party themed after the lawyer, complete with a cake bearing his image.

"[My son Grayson] would stop what he was doing and watch the commercials," L'erin Dobra told The New York Daily News at the time. "I had to give him a Morris Bart party for his 2nd birthday."

Though Bart was unable to attend the party due to his work schedule, he sent Grayson an autographed photo of himself. As of 2015, the boy kept it framed on his dresser.

Morris Bart
Personal injury lawyer Morris Bart poses at a 2015 event in New Orleans. Josh Brasted/WireImage/Getty Images