Defense Attorney Says Donald Trump Still Facing Legal Woes, Warns SDNY Investigation 'Ain't A Fishing Expedition'

As the reactions continue to pour in following the delivery of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report on accusations that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 special election, one defense attorney was quick to caution those celebrating President Donald Trump's alleged victory.

Appearing on MSNBC Saturday, criminal defense attorney Randy Zelin and MSNBC anchor Kendis Gibson discussed the report from Mueller and how Trump's legal troubles may not be over, despite Mueller's recommendation that no one else is indicted as a result of his investigation.

Zelin began by outlining the mandate from the special counsel's office, saying the report is "limited to investigation into Russian influence into 2016 and related matters."

"Which means that everything related to everything else is for someone else to do," Zerlin added. "In the Southern District [of New York] are they interested in Russian interference or are they interested in things like campaign finance violations unrelated to Russia."

Gibson responded to reference the president's frequent calls of Mueller's investigation being a fishing expedition, to which Zelin asked what Gibson would say about the SDNY investigation "which ain't a fishing expedition."

"You have Michael Cohen, who has already pleaded guilty, you have evidence of campaign finance violations, you have investigations into, now, Trump Organization business dealings, insurance fraud, tax fraud, all kinds of fraud which are unrelated to the Russia investigation," Zelin said. "So how does the Mueller report extricate the president from his problems?"

Zelin later asked why Americans aren't concerned about learning if Russa interfered in the 2016 presidential election saying, "we've lost sight of that."

Zelin's comments echo what other legal experts told Newsweek on Friday.

"I think that [the Mueller report] certainly is not the end-all, be-all for legal problems and ethics problems for the president," Noah Bookbinder, executive director at the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington said. "There's just a lot of really problematic conduct that is being investigated, and that's not to say that what special counsel Mueller found is not going to be incredibly important…but there's some danger to looking at whatever he produces as the definitive statement on whether or not this president did anything wrong."

Speaking to MSNBC Saturday, New York Times justice reporter Katie Bennan said that while Trump and his family — including his children Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. — haven't shown themselves to be worried in public, the remaining investigations from Congress and the Southern District of New York cannot be discounted for their potential legal ramifications.

The Southern District of New York is currently investigating potential campaign violations and misuse of funds, an investigation that includes a recent subpoena for financial documents and donor records for Trump's inauguration committee.

"I think we do have to look back at the investigation at SDNY, especially the ones that concern the Trump Organization, where the president's children might be directly implicated," Bennan said, adding that Michael Cohen's testimony included statements that some of his actions were to protect Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr.

Gibson then asked Zelin if those with the last name of Trump should be worried.

"Hell yes," Zelin replied.

In an interview with Fox News which aired on Friday morning, hours before Mueller delivered his report, Trump expressed confusion that he was being investigated in other areas saying that his lawyers, "don't even know what people are talking about."

Defense Attorney Says Donald Trump Still Facing Legal Woes, Warns SDNY Investigation 'Ain't A Fishing Expedition' | U.S.