Deflate Gate, Hoodies and Marshawn Lynch: The Super Bowl's Most Peculiar Bets

A gambler counts out cash while making a proposition bet on Super Bowl XLV at the Las Vegas Hilton in Las Vegas, Nevada January 27, 2011. Steve Marcus/Las Vegas Sun/Reuters

Last year, Nevada casinos saw a whooping $119.4 million wagered on the Super Bowl between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos. With a tight game expected between the defending champion Seahawks and scandal-ridden New England Patriots on Sunday, wagers may exceed last year's huge sum. In fact, there is even a bet on it—odds are split on as for whether Nevada gambling sums will exceed $120 million this Sunday.

In addition to traditional betting—outcome, touchdowns, point spread—betting websites are using this season's scandals and halftime show to add a number of unusual gambles to their ranks.

Bovada, an online gambling site based out of Canada, created some of the most unusual bets, including "How many times will 'deflated balls' be referred to during the game?" and "Will Bill Belichick smile during the game on camera?"

While the color of the Gatorade poured on the winning coach is a yearly gamble, this season's coach attire came into play. Belichick's sweatshirt choice is up for bets after a sleeveless hoodie he wore during a Deflate Gate press conference was widely debated on social media. Bovada allows users to gamble on what color the coach's hoodie will be and whether it will have sleeves.

The Super Bowl's entertainment, Katy Perry for the halftime show and Idina Menzel singing the National Anthem, swung open the door for more betting oddities. Websites are offering bets on how long it will take Menzel to sing and if she will be able to remember all the words to the National Anthem. As for Katy Perry, bets are available on just about everything to do with the entertainer: how long she will sing, her song choices, her hair color, her outfit and even whether she chooses to show cleavage.

When it comes to the actual players, there is a bet for who will receive the most unsportsmanlike conduct penalties during the game and the fate of Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch's favored celebratory move (a crotch grab). Another gamble speculates whether Lynch will be fined for his Super Bowl Media Day behavior, though, surprisingly, there are no odds posted on what his postgame interview catchphrase will be.