6th Grader Suspended After Eating Marijuana Cookie in Class

A middle-school student in DeKalb County, Georgia, outside of Atlanta, was suspended after she said she ate a dessert laced with marijuana by accident on Friday morning.

The 11-year-old girl, Diamond Brooks, said someone in her 6th-grade class offered her a cookie during school, WSBTV reported. Brooks told WSBTV that she hadn’t been paying close attention to the cookie when her classmate offered it to her and she just ate it. Shortly after eating the cookie Friday morning, Brooks felt disoriented but didn’t know why. 

Brooks was taken to the hospital after consuming the cookie she said she thought was a regular dessert, her father, Gary Brooks, said. Once there, doctors treated her for confusion and told her and her family that there was marijuana in her system. Diamond was throwing up while at the hospital, her father told WSBTV.

cookies An 11-year-old Columbia Middle School student was suspended after she accidentally ate a marijuana cookie, her family said. Roland Tanglao/Flickr

The school district suspended her for five days, a suspension that the family planned to try and get overturned Monday morning, according to WSBTV. Gary Brooks was upset with the suspension as well as the fact that his daughter was potentially put in danger. In an interview with WSBTV, he said if something had happened to Diamond he “would have lost it.” Gary Brooks and his daughter believed the marijuana found in her system was from the cookie she accepted from her classmate.

Diamond said that had she known what was in the cookie, she would have never eaten it. It was unclear Monday morning whether the student who allegedly gave Diamond the cookie had been questioned or reprimanded in any way.

The DeKalb County School District did not post to any of its social media channels about the incident and did not immediately respond to any of Newsweek’s requests for comment. The superintendent had also not yet responded to Newsweek's requests for comment.