Video: White Delaware State Trooper Pulls Gun on Black Man During Traffic Stop—'Why Are You Pulling a Gun On Me?'

Delaware State Police has launched an internal investigation after a video emerged on social media last week showing a trooper pulling his gun on a driver. The footage was recorded by the driver, named in local media as Mack Buckley, on February 14. The man was stopped, allegedly for speeding, on Pine Haven Road in Lincoln, Delaware.

The video, uploaded on February 14, showed the officer drawing his gun within five seconds of opening the man's car door. "I am not f***ing with you," the officer says, before hitting the phone out of Buckley's hand. "Why are you pulling a gun on me?" the driver responded.

As the driver repeatedly asked the trooper why he had pulled out his weapon, the officer could be heard on the recording shouting "stop reaching for s***" and demanding that he "get out."

Sergeant Richard Bratz, a spokesperson for the police department, told The News Journal that officials were "aware of the video" and confirmed that it is "currently under review." Bratz told NBC News the suspect had been pulled over for speeding at 9:10 a.m and was later arrested.

"The Delaware State Police initiated an internal investigation as soon as we became [aware] of the incident as per divisional policy," the department said in a short statement to CBS.

Buckley, whose video has been viewed more than 36,000 times since it was uploaded to his Facebook page, was detained for resisting arrest, driving at an unreasonable speed, and driving without insurance identification and registration, law enforcement said.

On social media, Buckley claimed the trooper made racist comments towards him during the incident. He wrote alongside the video upload that the trooper "kept referring to YOU PEOPLE." In one post, Buckley said he believed that he was going to be shot by the officer.

"There were a few moments where I was just waiting for the pops," Buckley said. "You all can't see it on the video, but when he yelled 'stopped reaching for s***' he actually put the gun to my body. Under my left arm on the side of my chest. It looked like a heart shot."

He added: "So much happened in my head at that moment so fast, but it was like slow motion. I start yelling 'hey hey hey,' at that point I'm feeling… if I move wrong it's over.

"I shared this video because I want people to see what's going on… not just around the world… but right here in Delaware. I could barely sleep last night. It could have all went wrong for me… I stood my ground and refused to be a victim. We have rights."

Earlier this week, a separate police investigation was launched in Delaware after officers were recorded punching a 16-year-old suspect in the head while shouting "stop resisting."