Delivery Driver Says They Won't Deliver Food Without Tip in Viral Video

A woman alleged in a now-viral video that her DoorDash delivery driver refused to deliver her food until they received a tip.

The video, which shows the purported screenshot between the woman and the driver, was posted to TikTok on Sunday by MICAH (@dabimethazine). Already, the post has received more than 150,000 views and over 21,000 likes. It also sparked a debate about tipping etiquette. Specifically, viewers debated whether or not customers should tip their drivers before or after food has arrived.

In the video, MICAH—whose name is Jordan Gray, according to The Daily Dot—blinks rapidly in response to the message she allegedly received from a DoorDash driver that read: "No tip, no food."

Stunned, Gray responded with, "Excuse me?" But, according to the screenshot, the driver read her message and did not respond.

In the comments section of her video, Gray said that she called the app's customer service line and received a new driver who was "really nice." She also clarified that she always tips her drivers; however, she likes to tip them in cash or via Cash App once the food has been delivered.

"I have no problem [with] tipping I always make it a point to. I just do it after [because] I've had people give my food away, steal it, etc.," she claimed.

"And if I have a really good dasher I wanna tip them more than a couple $ that's why I prefer to tip after," she continued.

Speaking to Glamour, however, an anonymous Grubhub driver in Rochester, New York, advised customers to either tip beforehand or write in the order's notes section that the tip will be in cash.

"[Grubhub users] think they can give a cash tip, but if we're not told and just see we're not getting the tip, we won't do the order," they said.

In December, a DoorDash driver told The Daily Dot something very similar.

"Most dashers will not take an order if there is no tip because Doordash only pays us $2.50 per delivery. People think we're being vindictive and are punishing them for not tipping, when that isn't the case either," the DoorDash driver said. "Since we're paid so little we have to pick the best orders, not out of spite, but simply because we're trying to make the most out of our dashes."

With all this in mind, some commenters were quick to slam Gray for her tipping practices.

"Honestly that's why I tip before. It's easy and they should get tipped regardless," said a.

Others, however, argued that tipping beforehand just isn't right.

"The whole point of tipping is to base it on the quality of their service. Tipping before doesn't make any sense," wrote Jacob Zufall.

Newsweek has reached out to DoorDash for comment but did not hear back in time for publication.

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A woman alleged in a now-viral video that her DoorDash delivery driver refused to deliver her food until they received a tip. Biserka Stojanovic/istock