Delta Passenger Punches Flight Attendant, Is Kicked Off Plane for Refusing to Wear a Mask

Travelers on a Delta flight from Miami to Atlanta on Monday evening witnessed a physical confrontation between a passenger and a flight attendant, which passengers claim occurred due to a mask dispute.

BBC journalist Suzanne Kianpour tweeted a video that shows a passenger in a heated argument between a Delta employee wearing a mask and a woman in a red top with a mask around her neck. In the footage, the unidentified woman in red appears to step forward and strike the flight attendant in the face.

A passenger is heard saying "she is in her face, oh Lord," in the footage, before people shout "no" as the passenger in red launches for the flight attendant. The flight attendant appears taken aback, but stands her ground and is then seen pointing at the woman.

Another video, posted on Instagram, reveals another angle of the confrontation which more clearly shows the incident. The passenger in red can be heard to say: "I will knock your ass out" and "you shouldn't have touched me, you pushed me".

The clip, posted by Laura England, was captioned: "Ughhhh this literally happens right in my face. All I want to do is get home at this point!

"How you mad cause your boyfriend caused the WHOLE flight to be turned around & delayed cause he don't want to put his seat belt on? and they been asking y'all to get off the flight for the past hour. (then had the nerve to say they fly 1st class flights) You're GOING TO JAIL this is so ghetto #delta"

Another BBC journalist, Katty Kay, who was also on the plane, posted: "This is insane. The flight attendant got shoved by one of the passengers who refused to wear masks or leave the plane. And - 4 hours late - they are still cheerful. Mine is running thin but this @Delta flight crew has a lot of patience!"

Based on the timing of the posts, it appears the incident took place on Monday night's Delta 1997 flight from Miami to Atlanta, which was due to leave at 7.45 p.m. but was three hours and 57 minutes late.

According to an Instagram story by Kingcoreythefirst, another witness on the plane, the passenger involved was escorted off the plane and then fell down in the skybridge on the way back to the airport. Paramedics were then called and the plane was not able to leave until the skybridge was removed, which further delayed the flight.

Newsweek has contacted Delta for comment and further details of the incident.

 Delta Airlines plane
Illustrative example of a Delta Airlines plane. Last night a passenger struck a Delta member of staff on a flight between Miami and Atlanta. Daniel SLIM / AFP/Getty Images